Friday, May 17, 2019


A poem for 1st May
-Sukanta Bhattacharya
Red fire flames had spread from one skyline to another,
What more can it be while living a dog’s life?
 How long will you be pleased
At all the scraps of others?
Express your inner feelings
 With vague ow-ow moaning?
 How long will you trudge in empty stomach?
Hanging up your tongue,
How long will you be breathing while trembling exhaustedly?
A soft blow on the head, or else, a pat on the back
How long can you endure your hunger and neck tether?
How long will you feather your tail?
Than deny your tamability,
 Reject your obedience.
 Let’s go, instead of bony bodies
 Search for fresh blood,
Let our barbecuing foods be prepared in the red fire flames,
Covering up the tether blur there would rise
Lion's mane in everyone’s scruff.
Translation: Tonima Mahmud Antora