Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rubayyat impressed with Shabnam

Entertainment Report :
A song titled Ami Rupnagar-er Rajkonnya Ruper Jadu Enechhi rendered by Ferdousi Rahman under Robin Ghosh’s composition was used in legendary film actress Shabnam-starred movie titled Harano Din which got huge popularity among the movie-lovers. London expatriate singer Rubayyat Jahan rendered this song in stage shows in different times. She loves the song so much that when Rubayyat came to Dhaka recently she met Shabnam.
She also expressed her outstanding performances to Shabnam. To inspire Rubayyat, Shabnam gave her voice to her. Lyrics of the song composed by Sudip Kumar Dip. Raja Kaasheff has composed its music. Muisc video of the song has been made for the first time at BFDC.
While talking about the song Rubayyat told this correspondent, “Shabnam Madam is one of my favourite actresses. I never thought I would get the opportunity to meet her. This time I got the opportunity. She is a legendary actress but behaves like simple. I met her. Raja during that time decided to make music video of the song. The song became outstanding. Muisc video also became nice. For the first time I worked at BFDC. I really enjoyed it.”