Friday, May 3, 2019

Dr Augustine Cruze

Contd from page 8 :
(P.11. Tr M Mizanur Rahman)
I read all six books as above and enjoyed and as such I would request the readers to learn going through the verses of Dr Augustine Cruze to soothe the passionate soul.
Thanks the author of six anthologies of poems of everybody’s interest.
Critical remarks on Augustine’s poem
Syed Tosharaf Ali
Augustine has written a large number of verses. As a learner of philosophy, science and religion he has digested many things. Now he is a healthy person and wise enough. And he has shown courage to evaluate, differ and question. He has enlightened himself and quarrelling with the Holy Spirit and trying to draw attention of others writing poems. Somehow he does not like to submit to the Holy Spirit. He himself does not recognize his rebirth even. He is a disturbed person. His mental agony has been painted in his poems. He needs a pious person, who has completely submitted to the God, only such person can guide him, can show path and turn back him to faith. He has seen many things, tested many foods and mixed with many persons. But still he is a poor man, thirsty person and blind also.
He loves the beauty of nature, but hardly understands where eternal   beauty lies.  He has given title of a book Let Me Be Alone. A man is a social animal so none can live alone. The story of Robinson Crusoe might be unknown to him. Only dead man would remain alone in the grave. And when he will walk to the path of Paradise he will also remain alone and even he/she will not be allowed to take his/her partner. As a poet loneliness is required for thinking and for deeper understanding about life, nature, universe and the ultimate destination of this endless universe.
He has gathered some knowledge on modern science. He has knowledge on comparative religion also, but he has not acquired clear understanding of the mystery of his self. Now he is running amuck in the corridor of this universe and shouting loudly to say something to the audience. Already he has written bundle of poems and created a flood with controversial thoughts.
In the free market of ideas if he gets sufficient customers and consumers of his verses, his efforts will be fruitful.