Tuesday, March 19, 2019

BCB to appoint psychologist for the traumatized cricketers

Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hassan today said that they would appoint a psychologist for the national team ahead of ICC Cricket World Cup and the players can go to him to get help to come of out of the trauma if they feel.
Trauma-management of terror-struck Bangladesh cricket team remains at the top of Bangladesh Cricket Board priority list at present.
Bangladesh team returned home a day after narrowly escaping Friday's shooting in a New Zealand mosque and it was visible in the airport that they were shaken-up badly as none of them looked to be carrying the self-composure that they usually do.
Since the arrival of the Bangladesh squad through a Singapore Airlines flight at the Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport at 10:40pm on Saturday it was apparent that BCB decided to approach them very cautiously as the players need to move on from the dreadful incident in Christchurch where they survived a close shave.
Watching the bloodshed in live, the players were in such traumatic state that they were not ready to stay at a single moment in New Zealand and BCB fortunately managed to get them the first available flight to bring them back at home, much to the relief of the players and their family.