Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Honours-Masters level teachers getting low honourium in 27 pvt colleges in Barishal Divn

Barishal Correspondent :
Honours-masters level teachers  are getting less than three thousand taka honourium in 27 private colleges of Barishal Division engaged in teaching failing to maintain proper teaching standard.
Swadhinata Honours-Masters Shikkhak Parishad (SHMSP) holding a press conference at Barishal Reporters Unity  on Sunday noon disclosing this fact demanded immediate inclusion of them in Monthly Pay Order(MPO).
Mokhlesur Rahman Moni, on behalf of the Barishal Divisional SHMSP, reading a written statement and answering questions of the journalists said National University permitted to start honours-masters level courses in private colleges for expanding higher education facilities to remote corners of the country in 1993.
Under that permission honours-masters level courses running in 175 private colleges of the country including 27of Barishal Division by appointing teachers according the rules and regulations of the government and NU.
However since that in last 26 years, those teachers were not included in MPO by the higher education directorate and they serving the students only getting monthly TK 2500-3000 honourium.
The recommendations of the parliamentary committees of 9th and 10th parliament, directorate of secondary and higher secondary education (DSHE), even the education ministers, failed to include those teachers in MPO list. Even after High Court set a setting a writ petition on August 24 of 2017, asked the concerned authourities for inclusion of hounours-masters level teachers of private colleges in MPO list within a month by revising manpower framework.  However the DSHE on May 18, 2018 replying about that order said that without inclusion in manpower frame work of the institution that order could not be executed.
In this situation the teachers working for honours-masters level courses were becoming bound to work for manual labourious jobs, private tuition or other part-time works to maintaining livelihood hampering their teaching standards.
Among others,  Prof. Md Hanif, Shah Sajeda, retired professors of government college, Mohsinul Islam Habul, Aminul Islam Khokon, leader of non-government teachers association (BAKSIS), Yunus Sharif and Ramzan Ali, regional president and Secretary of SHMSP, and members of the association also present in the programme.