Friday, February 8, 2019

Book Review

Nazrul: Tanr Somokale
(Nazrul and his contemporary)
by Dr Anwarul Karim
Publisher: Eftakher Rasul George, Nawroze Sahitya Samvar/Nasas, Dhaka, 46, PK Ray Road, Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100. 1st print: Janurary 2017. Cover: George Haidar, Printing: Prantika Mudroni, 43, DNS Road, Dhaka-1200. Size: DDI/16, Page: 348. Price: Tk 500.00. Sole Distributor: Dhrupod Sahityangon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

rofessor Dr Anwarul Karim is an educationist, scholar, folklorist and litterateur-a personality of national and international repute. He is the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Northern University Bangladesh, Dhaka, ex-visiting Scholar, Divinity School, Harvard University, USA, 1985, ex-Treasurer and Vice Chancellor (In charge), Islami University, Kushtia and the Founder Director, Lalon Academy, Kushtia.
Professor Anwarul Karim is an anthor and editor of some valuable books. Nazrul: Tanr Somokale is one of his Bengali books on Kazi Nazrul Islam who was greatly acclaimed  by his contemporaries. The book has been published in the background of evaluation  and appreciation of the Great poet, being in a declining  trend, though he was accorded a reception as National Poet in his youth in Kolkata  (1929) and in the next, after the emergence of Bangladesh through Liberation War,  he was received as ‘National Poet’ of Bangladesh. This Great Poet was thus fortunate enough to be acclaimed twice as National Poet, which is unique in the history of world literature. A great champion of freedom and human right, particularly a  spokesman of chained, oppressed, deprived and have-not's of the world,  and over all  for the suffering humanity, he had been a victim of negligence by some quarters in spite of his national and international image. The colonial legacy of maltreatment to our most popular and humanist poet continued to undermine his image. It was a black chapter and it roused the question whether our National Poet is to be the victim of such undue practice?
In this context Professor Dr Anwarul Karim in his book Nazrul : Tanr Somokale has highlighted  the writings and conments of the then literary stalwarts and leading personalities. The contents of the book include: Nazrul O Shailazananda, Muzaffar Ahmoder  dristite Nazrul, Nazrul O Muhammad Nasiruddin, Saogat Sompadok, Nazruler Sahityochorcha ebong Saogat, Nondito  Nazrul- Somokale, Sangbadikotay  Nazrul, Bibhinno  Potro-Potrikay Nazrul, Nishiddho  Nazrul : Somokale ebong Otohpor, Jatir Pokshmo Theke Nazruler Sonbordhona, Sirajganje Nazruler Oitihasik Gono Sonbordhona ebong Nazruler Jouboner Gaan.
The contents focus on depicting the great literary figure of British India, who never compromised with the dominant suppressive rule, which led to his jail and banning of his books one after another. Kazi Nazrul Islam upheld human rights not only of the people of the subcontinent, but also suppressed people all over the world. Great poet’s great contribution was not only for his age, but the challenge and light was also for all ages to come. The poet dreamt of a society of human brotherhood where no discrimination of caste, creed, race and colour could prevail. But,  for his being the champion of the suppressed and oppressed have-nots'  human right, for his not coming to any compromise with imperialism  and tyranny, the authorities encouraged  to de-evaluate him in the name of review and criticism by a section of litterateurs to undermine Nazrul.
These tools continued their so-called evaluation of the works of the poet, parallel to his active life till 1941 and then during his prolonged illness, an unwanted period continued to avoid and neglect the great poet, whom we need most for our bright survival as a nation and to contribute to progress, peace and prosperity of mankind.    
Dr Anwarul Karim has, with his deep respect for this poet’s unique creativity and contribution within a very limited period and at the same time a cry in the heart of the writer against the activities in the name of evaluation of literature maligning the great image of this national and international Poet, has quoted and explained the writings of the Poet's contemporary litterateurs and leaders, with his mighty truth-seeking pen.
In his ‘Introduction’ the writer has presented the poet of great revolution and vision of communal harmony. He has quoted the appreciation of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das and Dilp Kumar Roy in the context of bad occurrence in the literary sphere in which this great Poet of all ages was not given due importance and appreciation by a section of litterateurs. He has also mentioned the role of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for bringing the poet to Dhaka and honouring him as the National Poet of Bangladesh, which had the legacy of his reception at Albert Hall, Calcutta as the National Poet in 1929.
The book has been dedicated to Sultana Afroze, the daughter of Professor Dr Anwarul Karim in remembrance with respect to his father Late Karim Bakhsh, and his  father's friend, renowned musician and king of folk songs, Abbas Uddin Ahmed.
Professor Abdul Mannan, The ex-Head of the Department of Bangla, Govt BL College Daulatpur, Khulna, has introduced Dr Anwarul Karim to the readers in the flap of the book.
We congratulate the publisher for the publication. We expect wide circulation of the book.
           -Literature Desk