Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ensure ideal working atmosphere for women

THE bike of Shahanaj Akhter, who became a social media sensation recently for her struggle to maintain her family by offering ridesharing services, was recovered from Raghunathpur area in Narayanganj on early Wednesday hours after it was reportedly stolen. Police arrested a Masters student in English Department of Tejgaon College in this connection.  According to the general diary filed with Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station by Shahanaj, one Jony introduced himself as a driver of a ridesharing service, and promised her a full-time employment few days back. She met the person, and after driving around the city for a while, was having a cup of tea with him at Khamarbari of Farmgate area. He wanted to test-ride the scooter and she gave it to him. Jony fled the scene with the bike, she said in the GD.
It's highly appreciating that, police have recovered the stolen bike in the shortest possible time. It was the only means of Shahanaj, a single mother of two daughters, to maintain their livelihood.  Shahanaj's struggle came to the limelight when her story was posted on social media Facebook by an online. Several users hailed her courage and determination. After the bike was stolen, many of them expressed their eagerness to stand by her along with necessary support.
 We do appreciate Shahanaj's will-power and courage. Obviously, it needs mental strength to choose a hiring bike-rider's profession in a male dominated society like us. Certainly, her work will encourage several other jobless women who have been fighting hard to get bread and butter for their families. In that case, the authorities concerned should come forward extending their helping hands to these courageous women.
The police must also investigate thoroughly to find out whether the arrested person was a professional thief, and for what reason he had stolen the bike. Any suppressive behaviour to a working woman like Shahanaj would discourage hundreds of Shahanaj. It's our social duty to protect them from unnecessary trouble.