Thursday, January 10, 2019

Puja wants to sing for Puja Cherry

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Popular singer of present time Badhon Sarkar Puja has intention to render a song for promising film actress Puja Cherry. Puja disclosed her desire to Puja Cherry when they met at popular singer Ankhi Alamgir’s birthday party recently. The film actress also showed her keen interest to perform with her lip on the screen by Puja's song. She also mentioned that it must be film song.
Badhon Sarkar Puja said, “Puja Cherry has been acting from childhood. Now she is a full-fledged film actress. She is doing well now. I enjoyed her acted last two released movies in the cinema hall. She acted outstandingly well in these two movies. Till now I could not get the scope to give my voice for play-back song but I have intention in this regard.”
Puja Cherry shared her feelings by this way, “I have rendered Puja Didi’s songs. It is no doubt that she can render song well. Till now I could not get the scope to give my lip on her rendered song. If the bat and ball match then it can be happened.”
Meanwhile, from February 2 Puja Cherry’s SSC examinations will start. She is now engaged with model tests. On January 25, Puja acted movie Prem Aamar-2 will be released. Due to her SSC examinations she cannot take part in promotional campaign of this movie. Tanim Rahman Angshu has made music video of Puja’s song titled Dotara recently.