Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oikyafront barred from holding rally in Sylhet

Staff Reporter :
The police on Wednesday seized mike, chair and table in order to stop Jatiya Oikyafronts from holding rally on the Hazrat Shahjalal ® shrine premises.
Officer in-Charge of Kotwali Police Station ordered the police to do it as the election commission has barred political activities on any religious premises.
The OC added that Oikyafront's leaders obtained permission from police to hold the meeting at the registry compound. Contrarily BNP leader and city councillor Hasan Koyes Lodi said,       
rally at registry was postponed due to time paucity and many others scheduled programme.
Jatiya Oikyafront started their campaigns ahead of the December 30 general election through offering fateha at the shrines of Hazrat Shahjalal ® and Hazrat Shah Paran ® in Sylhet yesterday.