Monday, December 10, 2018

Rawnak’s new drama serial

Entertainment Report :
Rawnak Hasan is a popular actor. Besides acting, he is also seen to give direction. His directed TV plays and telefilms became popular among the viewers. He is basically a playwright, actor and director at a time. As a director, for the first time he gave direction of a serial titled Biboha Hobe.
As usual, he wrote story of the serial. Shooting of 40 episodes of the serial has already completed in Gazipur recently. Story
of the serial is romantic comedy typed.
While talking about making the serial suddenly Rawnak told this correspondent, “In fact, due to reducing budget quality of TV plays and serials is becoming decreasing day by day. At the end of month I also need money. From that point of view,
I have decided besides acting, I will be engaged with giving direction.”
In the beginning of New Year this serial will be telecast in a satellite channel. Mosharraf Karim, Ahsan Habib Nasim, Intekhab Dinar, Kalyan Corraya, Sujat Shimul, Mukul Siraj, Joyraz, Robena Reza Jui, Aparna, Nadia Nodi, Monira Mithu, Allen Shuvro, Zara Mithu, among others, acted in different roles in the serial, Rawnak also said.
Rawnak Hasan’s first directed TV play was Tomatey. Now he is acting in several numbers of
serial like Noashal.