Friday, November 30, 2018

The river on the horizon of love

- Zakir Abu Zafar
The river I offer at your heart
is the thirsty one.
Neither has anybody ever got
the history of it bygone
nor its involvement
on earth as yet.
Yet it’s the lake waves abreast.

What’s its name?
No. This river has no name.
It’s not that river usually flows on earth forever!
Yet it’s the river at heart where
there’s ebb and tide
as usual on its evolutionary ride!
You might have possessed that
on earthly love
on the waves of colorful pleasures
all above
and that love-water has its ebb and tide
even in anguish of separation
on the spree of mental aberration.

That river flows alone on its own way
leaving behind memoir at heart's bay.
That love-river
remains at heart forever.

Translator: M Mizanur Rahman