Friday, November 16, 2018

Order or disorder

    -M Anisur Rahman Mithu
Who are the superpowers in the globe?
Are all of them are great powers
Who are the regional powers, are they great powers
Is this the uni-polar world or multi-polar
Is it multi-polar or world of divided great powers?
Can we call it uni-polar world, that USA plaeding?
USA identified twenty two states are failed states
Who is the BRICS countries are the great powers
Is the political pendulum swing here and there?
Is the BRICS a new polarization, or so what?
New regionalism is in the now offing
States are keeping along with strategic bonds
There are now states giving attention to the geo- strategic facts
Is the globe is going through new ideas or facts of thoughts
New collaborative facts are in the processes after cold war
Is it truly USA became a uni-polar country?
 BRICS may bring balance of power in the midst of the countries
Is BRICS a establishment of a new balance in the uni-polar world?
May the USA carry the flag of uni-polar country
How long the world would face USA’s hegemony
Is the world under a benign hegemony?
Is the USA developing its soft power, more than hard power?
Is the globe ready to have soft power from the USA?
Is the USA taking collective efforts to face global menaces?
In 1990 USA addressed gulf crises with collective efforts
About 29 countries took efforts to face gulf crises
Is the USA take its flag unilaterally?
Great powers are now with the USA mostly
Some great powers are antagonistic of the USA’s approach
This are creating menaces than ever before
The globe transformed through unprecedented growth
Now the world face tremendous challenges than ever before
Is the globe now go through order or disorder?