Friday, November 16, 2018

Allah, the Lord of the universe

-Mohammad Mamun Mia
The name Allah is the sweetest of all things and beings
Who can construct or destruct in the world everything.
Wherever I keep my eyes, I only see His creations
Seeing these fills up my heart with gratifications.

We should have eyes on the mystery of the Universe?
It is none but Allah Who knows all about.
In the last, the day of Qiamat will come, the Hashor Day
We should know what will happen that day?

We are sent by Him and will be back to Him
But in this transient life what we achieved here?
When I remember the existence of soul hereafter.
All my earthly pleasures are filled with fear thereafter.
We hover over here and there in season and out of season
But don’t care in doing mischief without reason.
Only One sees our goodness and badness with care;
It is Allah, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient doer.

‘Look before you leap’ is a well-known proverb;
We have to surrender to Him and there is no doubt.
He can turn day into night and vice-versa;
It is the Omnipotent all-pervasive Allah.