Friday, November 9, 2018

Like Sarna can succeed then more people like ‘Sarna’ can also come up in life

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
In 2013, Sarna arrived in Dhaka from Tangail after completing her Higher School Certificate examination. Just after her arrival she faced a lot of difficult situations. In the beginning, she stayed with some known and also some unknown friends.  She worked at Bangladesh Sishu Academy from 8:00am to 10:00pm. She went through many hurdles but did not give up her determination and goal. With strong determination she continued her work. If she was scared or uncertain one day then she overcame her fear and managed better next day.
Sarna believed in her maker and kept on working. Her self-confidence got better each day.
Today she is well known as a freelance artist and takes part in art academy’s performing art group. She is well known amongst her artist friends and some national organizations.
She strongly says and feels that if a person like Sarna can succeed then more people like Sarna can also come up in life. She is now quite independent and do not have to rely on her parents for financial support.
She lost her father a year back. She is studying fine arts in one of the private universities. She is determined to make her name as an ‘abstract artist.’ She works hard in a disciplined manner.
Sarna’s ambition is to study on abstract art in France. She has already started to learn French at Alliance Française de Dhaka. One day she would like to show her work of art in an exhibition of her own. She is already working towards this goal.
When asked about the female artist’s position and carrier success she replied that she sees no difference between a male and a female artist, as all artists are artists. Artists paint to express themselves and to please people.