Monday, September 24, 2018

Awareness needed to prevent kidney diseases

Life Desk :
Speakers at a roundtable meeting on Monday said across the world at least 5 crore people are sufferring from  Kidney related complications while WHO data suggest that one  in every 10 persons is affected by some forms of kidney related diseases.
They pointed out that a few years back the Kidney disease was the 27th reason of death worldwide but now in 2018 it has been the 18th biggest reason behind death of people. In 2005 a total of 5 crore 80 lakh people died of kidney diseases of them 3 crore 50 lakh died of kidney related complications.
BRB Hospitals, Dhaka organised the roundtable discussion styled, "Kidney Disease is preventable: Awareness is necessary" at the daily Pratham Alo conference room, ICAB Bhaban, Karwanbazaar in city.
BRB Hospitals is also running 'Kidney Week' and the roundtable was organised as part of the week. The hospital is conducting kidney screening and treatment at a nominal cost from the poor patients.     
Director General, Directorate  General of Health Services (DGHS), Prof Dr Abul Kalam Azad attended the roundtable meeting chief guest.
Chief Consultant of the Department of Nephrology, BRB Hospitals Limited, Dhaka, also Chairman of KAMPS, Prof Dr M A Samad moderated the roundtable meeting and presented keynote paper on the present scenario of kidney disease in Bangladesh, its preventive measures and how to remove the discrimination of women in kidney treatment.
Chairman of Kidney Foundation, Prof Dr Harun-or-Rashid, President of Bangladesh Renal Association, Prof Dr RafiqulAlam, Associate Editor of daily PrathamAlo, Abdu Quayum Mukul, former star Cricketer, Gazi Ashraf Hossain Lipu, Chief Reporter of Daily Ittefaq, Abul Khaer, Founder of Urology and Transplantation Foundation of Bangladesh, Prof Dr M A Salam, Abu Altaf Hossain, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BRB Hospitals Limited, Dr Mohammad Abdul Hamid, Consultant, Nephrology, BRB Hospitals also  attended the roundtable meeting as designated discussants.
Chairman of Kidney Foundation, Prof Dr Harun said there have only about 100 dialysis centers in the country which is very much less in comparison to the huge number of kidney patients. More than 18000 patients get dialysis twice a week. In the private sector dialysis center the dialysis cost is very high, it's from Tk 3500 to 5000 and is not affordable for the middle and lower income segment of people.
"In South Asia only 15 percent of patients get dialysis service against the total number and a huge number of patients fail to get this service due to financial inability and the situation in Bangladesh is alarming so the government has to take serious initiative to reduce the dialysis cost", Dr. Harun added.
In the keynote speech, Prof Dr MA Samad said in Bangladesh more than 2 crore of people are affected by kidney disease, the treatment cost of this is very high and even 10 percent of patients do not have the ability to afford the cost so most poor patients loss their lives without treatment whereas its possible to prevent upto 60 of this killer disease by raising awareness among people.
He suggested to avoid laziness, drinking water sufficiently, walking every day and perform physical exercise regularly to stay aloof from kidney disease Speakers opined that not by treating patients rather people may stay free from this disease by prevention and awareness is the only way for this.