Friday, September 14, 2018

Dissolve parliament to call it election time govt: Barrister Mainul

Staff Reporter :
At a television talk show on SA TV last night referring to the criticism about coming to power through back door, Barrister Mainul Hosein asserted strongly that rigged election is the back door for coming to power without facing the people. He called it a bluff to claim a government without dissolving the parliament as election time government. The government is resorting to lies and lies.
He quoted the former Indian High Commissioner in Bangladesh and a prominent personality in the Indian official think tank Mr Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty made it clear in his recent article that Hasina government rejected the election time caretaker government to have control over the election. In a free election Awami League will reduce to embarrassing minority politicians.
By way of expressing his anxiety, Barrister Mainul said that in the name of changing the Constitution our enemies who do not want peace in Bangladesh have created such a complication that it has made impossible for PM also to hold free and fair election even if she wants.
We have to follow the election system under parliamentary democracy and no such election can be held without first dissolving the parliament.  There is parliamentary system in India and there also no election takes place without dissolving the parliament.
Barrister Mainul urged that through compromises we must reach a consensus about the way for holding free and fair election, otherwise there will no peace just by arresting hundreds of opposition people.
He again repeated that the Prime Minister is surrounded by unscrupulous people who know how to become rich. The rich people have become richer by the highest percentage exceeding Japan and America.
Dr. Saadat Husain, former Chairman of Bangladesh Public Service Commission, and Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan, former Vice Chancellor of BSMMU, were the other participants in the talk show. Riyad Ahsan moderated the event.