Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cherries in the world of fashion, foodLife Desk

There are fruits that trend on the Internet - fruits that are hashtagged and tweeted out just to be retweeted. It is a real thing and right now, cherries rank on the top of the list.
These little delights have been at the heart of inspiration for many fashion influencers, designers, chefs and artists.
In case you aren't quite convinced yet, there are four million posts with the hashtag 'cherries' and about one million posts on Instagram with the hashtag 'cherry'.
Recently, it was featured on a lingerie set of J. Crew's newest intimates collection, and a month later, HVN partnered with Champion for a collection of cherry-inspired sweaters, shorts, and bucket hats.
But now, cherry prints are almost everywhere - they have made their presence felt in many fashion designers' collections, and celebs like Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie were also spotted sporting cherry print ensembles. Revolve's special look included a pretty cherry printed dress with mini cherry pie earrings.
Tiffany Reid, from The Cosmopolitan, admitted that even if she thought it wasn't a trend she expected would take over, it's working.
Vans came out with cherry printed sneakers for both men and women. "In a way, it doesn't isolate any gender", she says. According to Julie Muniz, a design expert and art consultant, "Cherry blossoms also pop up in a lot of home decor.
It is a part of a larger design trend that leans towards Japanese design and minimalism." Not just fashion, cherries are also being favoured in the food world. New recipes like Drunk Cherry Cocktails are seen popping up across menus in bars and restaurants.  A mix of cognac and cherry juice, topped with cherries soaked in alcohol, it is a cocktail that is already a hit.
-Indian Express