Monday, August 20, 2018

Gov't using 'controversial' ICT Act against students: SCBA

UNB, Dhaka :
Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA)President advocate Zainul Abedin on Sunday claimed that the government was using 'controversial' Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Act against the protesting students of quota reform and safe road movement.
Speaking at a press conference at SCBA auditorium Zainul said, "The student movement for quota reform and safe road is a rational one. Immediately the arrested students should be released so that they can celebrate Eid-ul-Azha with their families."
"The students who took part in the movement were never involved with any political parties. The government has tried to instigate the movement towards different path by branding them with BNP-Jamaat", he alleged.
"Dozens of cases were filed and protesters have been targeted for mass arrest while we saw no actions against the helmet-wearing goons who attacked the protesters and journalists", he added.
He demanded proper investigation and legal action against the attackers.