Friday, August 17, 2018

Japan’s heat wave drives up demand for ice cream

Weekend Plus Desk :
The influx of foreign tourists has increased exponentially over the years in Japan. A majority of them cherish travelling despite the scorching heat. Due to the heat, frozen dessert companies are finding an opportunity to promote their products.
Dolci cafe Silkream, located in Shibuya, has become a popular joint amidst foreign tourists. This is the flagship shop of Nissei Company, which first introduced soft serve ice cream in Japan in 1951. They now offer soft serve ice cream, including in the form of cone cups, soft serve mix, and freezers in Japan. Customers can enjoy new styles of ice cream at this cafe. The menu is also offered in English for foreign customers.
Cremia is a soft-serve ice cream which is made of high milk fat content and has a rich, creamy texture. Customers can enjoy it in various Japanese classic flavours, such as red bean paste and green tea matcha. There is a takeaway corner along with the dine-in space at the cafe. The number of foreign tourists visiting has increased lately and Cremia is quite popular among them.