Friday, July 27, 2018

Shilpakala Academy Acrobatic Troupe

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Acrobatic troupe presented an acrobatic performance organised by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) on its premise in the city's Segunbagicha area recently.
The performance took place at the National Theatre Hall at 7:00pm.
Ten artists returning from China with higher training performed in the acrobatic show.
Acrobatics artists lost their last hope to existence of the acrobatics for the scarcity of the financial and technical support some years ago. But the time befitting effort of BSA to revive the acrobatics is now successful and the acrobatics is shedding light.
BSA revived the acrobatic team of Rajbari Acrobatic Training Center in 2011, and formed an adult group of acrobatic groups. The group is named as 'Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Acrobatic Troupe.'
While talking about this troupe Director General of BSA, Liaquat Ali Lucky said, "20 children went to China for higher acrobatic training. Ten artists returning from China with higher training are now performing while the remaining 10 are taking training. So there is no fear of losing our acrobatics practice."
Officials of the Academy informed that Shilpakala Academy Acrobatics Troupe has now organised nearly 300 exhibitions in Bangladesh from 2016 to2017 which is very appreciated and inspiring for the future artists.