Monday, May 28, 2018

Drugs flood Gafargaon

Gafargaon (Mymensingh) Correspondent :
Some parts of Gafargaon have turned into dens for  drug addicts  and   Yaba  even  is available through mobile phone here .
Nowadays drugs has been turned into the toys of children. Drugs are being  carried by  the day labourers easily .
Those who sell drugs are involved in theft, hijacking and crimes too. Though the police  caught the drug addicts red- handed but they get free later  .The drug peddlers are out of control.   The students of schools and colleges are also being  involved in taking drugs.
Police are inactive though drug issue  is discussed at  the law and order committee meeting at this Upazila. The locals are afraid of  to complain to the police.
According to sources, the drug business is going on the hundred places of Gafargaon Upazila . Per piece Yaba is being sold at  TK- 250/300. Sometimes TK-500/550. Druggs are being sold at  Railway area, Tetultala,  Kachari Road, Bishworoad More,  Tetulia Bazar,  Kumar Vita,  Bhaddovumi, Koroitala,  Choybaria of Rawna Union, Bara More Tower area of Ward No-03,  School Bazar,  Baisha Bat Tala,  Mirapara of CharAlgi Union,  Basthohara , Chadni Hall More,  Panditpara,  Goyeshpur of Pythol Union,  Maruapotty,  Pulerghat Bazar of Tangabo Union,  Varoil Bazar,  Panchua More . But Police administration has not taken any step to control drug business.  
 Abdul Halim Manik, former Saltia Union and president of Pourosava AL. said,  The issue of drug business has been discussed  at the meeting of Law and order review  committee at Gafargaon and Paghla thana .
  The young businessmen of Gafargaon Jamtala More said,  Druggs are being sold at the pharmacy  drug house even small shop.  At present the learners of schools and colleges , young generation of middle class ,poor class family , lower -income family are becoming addicted. Even the girls are also becoming addicted for failure in love, family feud .  As a result, family feud, are increasing.