Monday, April 16, 2018

Javed wants to return acting

Entertainment Report :
Among the viewers he is still a hero. He is hero Javed. As a dance director, he is successful. Once a popular hero is now passing leisure times. He is exceptional and different from other heroes because most of the heroes have intention to perform as a hero on the screen but Javed not only acted but also worked as dance director in many movies. He impressed all by virtue of his acting dancing skills.
While talking about his film career this legendary actor told this correspondent, “If I get good story and role then why not I can work? I have also intention to work as dance director in big screen. But there is mismatch between ball and bat so, I couldn’t work. But I have also interest to perform in stage shows. If I get better offer to perform on stage I agree to work.”
As an actor, Javed acted and also worked as dance director in many movies. His produced only movie was Bahram Badshah.
Full name of Javed is Ilias Javed who was born in 1944. His father Raza Mohammad Afzal was a pious man. He wanted his son either to be engaged with business or job. But Javed wanted to be an actor. He was engaged with learning and listening music.