Monday, July 17, 2017

ITI to represent Bangladesh at World Congress in Spain

The International Theatre Institue (ITI) an affiliate NGO of UNESCO, has organised the 35th World Congress of ITI in Segovia, Spain, from July 14 to 22. To be attended by over 80 member countries, the festival will feature permormances from nine countries - Switzerland, China, Slovenia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Spain, Philippines, USA and India. The theme for this year’s Congress is ACT! Performing Arts Transforming the World. Department of Theatre and Performing Status, University of Dhaka will be representing Bangladesh at the festival.
University Network for Higher Education in Performing Arts organises workshops seminars performances at this congress. University theatre teachers-students from across the world will participate there. Prof Israfeel Shaheen and his team member Shahman Moishan and Mahedi Tanjir are going to attend this grand academic festivity to conduct two workshops and will deliver a lecture. The network is enthusiastic to explore the potentials and critical issues in context of this neoliberal globe. After the phase of this network ITI congress will be held at the same venue.                                    -Entertainment Desk