Friday, April 21, 2017

Shah Alam Dulal in a theatre group for four decades

Entertainment Report :
Noted actor Shah Alam Dulal has been acting with same theatre group for last four decades. He has been attached with country's one of the popular theatre groups Aronnyok since 1977. From that time to till date he has been working under this theatre group. From the beginning of his theatre career, Azizul Hakim and Salauddin Lavlu were also attached with Aronnyok.
Under the banner of this group, Dulal first acted in Mamunur Rashid written play 'Ora Kodom Ali.' Later he also acted in 40 theatre plays of this theatre group like 'Iblish,' 'Shat Purusher Wrin,' 'Guinea pig,' 'Moyur Singhashon,' 'Samatat,' 'Joy Joyonti,' 'Rarang,' etc. He has also given direction of three plays.
While talking about his career in theatre play Shah Alam Dulal told this correspondent, "I preferred to work as an organizer.