Wednesday, April 5, 2017

ULAB hosts talk on 'The Journey of an Entrepreneur'

Campus Report :

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), through its Center for Enterprise and Society (CES), organized a talk titled "The Journey of an Entrepreneur" featuring Sylvana Quader Sinha, Founder and MD of Pravaa Health on Tuesday. Also in attendance were Prof Imran Rahman, Vice Chancellor (Acting), ULAB; Sajid Amit, Director, CES, ULAB; Sabrina Imam, IT Director, Praava; Sanjeev Pubbichetty, COO, Praava; and Saleh Anand, IT Analyst, Praava.
Sinha spoke about her journey as a lawyer in the United States, with roots in Bangladesh, and how she came to found Praava. Pravaa is launching a network of urban health centers offering family doctors and a full range of diagnostic services in mid-2017. Sinha's vision is to increase the range of quality, reliable, affordable health care options in Bangladesh.
Before founding Praava, Sinha, as a lawyer, advised governments in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Asia on governance and legal reform. Sinha also served as a foreign policy advisor to the 2008 Presidential campaign of then-Senator Barack Obama. She later joined The World Bank, where she worked on judicial reform and human rights in Afghanistan and on other issues, including conflict and development and women's economic rights in Islam. Sinha is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where she earned a certificate from the Parker School of Comparative and International Law.
The talk was delivered to a full-house of undergraduate students interested in entrepreneurship and understanding the challenges and prospects thereof, in Bangladesh.