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SUBSERVIENCE IS NOTFREEDOM: MAINUL HOSEIN: CITY PUBLISHING HOUSE LTD. Copyright © Mainul Hosein 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced,stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by anymeans, (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the Publisher. Any person who does any unauthorised act inrelation to this publication may be liable to criminalprosecution and civilclaims for damages. The author haspledged to donate all royalty earnings from thisbook to Manik Mia Foundation the objective of which is topromote human rightsand press freedom. This edition first published 2012,Revised edition published 2015, Cover design: SelimAhmed,Book design: ANMWahiduzzaman : Registered Office:Ittefaq Bhaban, 1 RK Mission Road, Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh,Tel: 880-2-7122654 / 7114514,Fax: 880-2-7122650,email: nnation@bangla.net -- Price: BDT 995, US$ 50,EURO 45, ISBN: 978-984-33-5563-8 : Page - 488 ------- Dedication --- To my beloved father whose life of suffering and selfless devotion to thecause of his people,more than his writings, has been a message to me  ---  Preface:  If anything, I wanted to be agood lawyer and when the time came, despite other demands on my time, I took upthe legal profession in all earnest. I am aware of my own limitations as awriter. But I may have inherited the gene of my father, a great journalist,popularly known as Manik Mia, to feel deeply concerned about the wrongs inpublic life and an abiding urge to find expression for them. There has alsobeen a compelling desire within me to seek answers thereto.I returned from Londonas Barrister-at-Law in 1965. I had dreams to be in politics in the traditionsof our great leaders. Mr. H. S. Suhrawardy was my role model. I felt inspiredby him to be a Barrister and in my young days his personality, intellectualeminence and selfless-dedication to politics had a profound influence on me. Icould not forget the pain and suffering my father had to put up with in hisstruggle to secure the rights and respectability of his people.Like in many others, chance andcircumstance had their due shares in my life too.My father's death in 1969 came asa bolt from the blue at a relatively early age of mine.  Eminent journalist Mr. Serajuddin Hossain wasto succeed father as the editor of the Daily Ittefaq, in case of anythinghappening to him. But he insisted that I should take the responsibility, myinexperience as a journalist notwithstanding. With his enviable foresight, hewas more worried about the overall interest of the Daily. He was aware of theoutside pressure that would come to the fore in the void created by the absenceof my father's huge personality. Thus, the position of editor of the mostpopular daily was thrust upon me by the circumstances. Though I agreed to be inthis position on a short term basis yet, holding of such an exalted positionmade me feel ill at ease. But when responsibility came I did not shirk. I tookthe challenge of the situation with all seriousness. Luckily, I also got helpand cooperation from everybody including Mr. Serajuddin Hossain. He was devotedto my father and was very close to all our family members. The pity that Icould not save Mr. Serajuddin Hossain when he needed help most has alwayshaunted me.   He lost his life at thehands of the Pakistanarmy during the Liberation War when we were all vulnerable and unsafe. The articles in this book werepublished in the Daily New Nation over a long period and relate to the eventsof the time. My writings are not to be seen and evaluated as pieces of eitherjournalism or literature. These writings can best be seen as expressions of aman in anguish, eager to see independent Bangladeshas a free, happy and prosperous country. I felt I must do it also as anobligation to taking my father's cause forward. This is more than a compilationof articles and in most of these articles I dealt with the crisis of democracyas it was unfolding itself in our context and situation. Repetition of ideasand analysis of events became unavoidable because the problems remainedunresolved and kept on resurfacing.  Butwhile editing, some portions have been left out and some portions have been re-writtenfor greater clarity of the themes and the messages of the articles. While expressing my thoughts andideas, I very much kept in mind the upcoming younger generations, they beingthe future nation builders. I knew in my heart that it would be easier for themto be forward-looking to build success stories of their own, and not be baskingin the usurped past glories of others. I found it most horrid to see universitystudents being used as violent party activists.I cannot be so obstinate as toclaim that everything I have said in these articles is right but this much Ishall surely claim, that I have said what I honestly felt must be said and didso in the hope that others more knowledgeable than me should also do the sameto make democratic good governance work as an essential foundation for buildinga free, prosperous and happy Bangladesh. I responded and reacted to eventsof the time while emphasizing the lasting values of democracy and the need ofsolving the problems in a democratic manner of debate and discussion. In my writings and publicutterances I have most emphatically pointed out: We have to be brave to be freeand enjoy freedom. Subservience is not freedom. Arrogance has no place in ademocracy and the independence of Bangladeshshould be seen as triumph of democracy over arrogance - the arrogance of power.Through my articles published in this book I have wanted to provide a basis forhope in the midst of hopelessness. In conclusion, I must not forgetto express my gratitude to those who have helped me in choosing the articlesand in arranging them in a book form by going through them patiently, editingthem for further clarification. For the factual account of events I had to relyconsiderably on the Daily New Nation for which I especially thank the editorialstaff of the New Nation.  I am indebted to my wife whooffered me mental support and my able law associates in the law chamber who hadbeen a constant source of encouragement to this difficult venture. It will be remiss of me if I donot record my appreciation for my Personal Assistant Mr. A.N.M Wahiduzzaman whoworked most enthusiastically to help me in typing and retyping the manuscript. --Mainul Hosein--15 June, 2015, barmainulhosein@gmail.com