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Friend, I go with my age today

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M. Mizanur Rahman :

My friend, today I go with my age.
I can't help otherwise so long I live.
Verily I know, I got little or no knowledge.
Like me, my friend, that you also believe.
I am with myself. What I do, habitually you also do so.
But difference is taste. That may not be the same.
Our age hardly betrays us except we play its game.
Namely our idiocy betrays our soul we hardly know.

What's our aim in life that many of us can determine
Though, since we are born-free to make our goal
We could not succeed in playing the way out or in
rightly we needed for our role.
My friend, we fancy our likings possessing some means.
We do never know what's coming tomorrow since our teens.

A pair of black eyes

Shamsul Alam Belal

A pair of eyes,
A pair of jade black eyes
In the shape of a full moon,
Sweet and gentle in the mid sky;
Her eyes smile through the window.
A pair of eyes,
A pair of jade black eyes
Flies like Khayam's dream,
Swims in the bright silvery sea;
In the vast pasture of mysterious blue.
A pair of eyes,
A pair of jade black eyes
Moves free over a red rose,
Dances like a hungry butterfly;
But is soon lost into the fading glow.

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