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With Regard To US Presidential Election

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Mohammad Amjad Hossain :
The present situation in the United States of America following the presidential election on 3 November this year exceeds the situation of third world countries. Drama enacted by President Donald Trump of Republican party and his legal team since President Donald Trump lost the election that was held on 3 November this year, but the result went in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Since the result went in favor of Joe Biden President Trump refused to acknowledge defeat and did not allow the president - elect to proceed preparing his team during the transition period.  
Since the president's legal team headed by Rudi Gulian, former Mayor of New York did not succeed to prove illegal action in the election process from Arizona, Michigan, Georgia to Pennsylvania.  
While  in blistering ruling federal Judge Matthew Brann of Pennsylvania threw out President Donald Trump's claim of widespread electoral fraud without evidence Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey of Republican described that Joe Biden is 46th President of the United States of America and called on President Donald Trump to accept the outcome of the election and facilitate President -elect the process of transition while Secretary state of Arizona Katie Hobbs has been forced to repeatedly appear over TV to refute the completely fabricated claims of election malfeasance.  Although the Secretary of State in Georgia who is also Republican described Joe Biden won the election in Georgia following the second time counting of votes. By now one more elected Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska asked President Trump to allow transition to take place while criticizing the President's attempt to interfere electoral results are "unprecedented not only but inconsistent with our democratic process" while lone congressman Don Young of the Republican of Alaska holds the same opinion.
Another drama enacted by the President is that he invited Senate Majority leader of the Republican Mike Shirkey and Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield to the White House who refused to go along with the President to change the result of the election. Both Republican leaders of Michigan said that we have not yet been made aware of any fraud that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan and legislative leaders will follow law. It is really unheard of that the President of the United States planned to break law to bring results of the election in his favor by hook or by crook.              
As a matter of fact, electors will cast their ballots on 14 December for Electoral College votes who will be selected by lawmakers in different states while a joint session of House of Representatives and Senate will open ballots in presence of Vice-President Mr. Pence on 6 January 2021.               
President Trump's useless attempt to discard the result of the presidential election may damage public faith in the integrity of the election process in the USA.      
Several newspapers, including The Guardian of London commented adversely against unlawful efforts adopted by President Trump.  The Guardian is of the view that Trump's tactics calculated "brazenness" while New York Times holds the view that Trump's post-election tactics put him in "unsavory". It is very interesting to note that Secretary of State Mr. Pompeo's boss President Trump now borrows from Mr. Lukashenko's play book while Mr. Pompeo is reported to have said we have opposed the fact that he's now inaugurated himself. We know what the people of Belarus want.         
  Another drama enacted by Trump's personal attorney Mr. Rudy Giuliani at a press conference at the office of Republican National committee on 19 November while Mr. Rudy Guliani is reported delivered" a rambling monologue to reveal massive vote fraud but again offered no evidence "as reported by Daily Mail.     Meanwhile, pressure grows from Republican Party to concede defeat as lawsuits are thrown out while longtime advisor to the President former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie said the President's legal team had become "a national embarrassment".  By now a large number of business people came forward to plead President Trump to accept defeat and allow transition of a new administration. Enough is enough. Now is time to assist the new administration with resources to proceed, primarily to tackle pandemic coronavirus which exceeded 59,415,667 while 1,400,420 succumbed to death in the US.

(Mohammad Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh and former President Nova Toastmaster International club of America writes from Falls Church, Virginia).

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