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Violence Against Women

Revisiting The Root Factors

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Nusayr Ahmed Chowdhury :
Against the backdrop of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2020, this article explores the root factors of violence and its impact on women. But the first question is needed to be addressed that what violence is. There are some queries truly capable of making the highest brainstorming and very prevalent in the existing age. Violence has happened to be turned into a very commonly heard word. But this always brings about a negative, obnoxious, ravaging portrait. In brief, a statement can be provided that violence is a state defining the absence of peace. But in a broader and deeper sense it's not merely the situation that peace doesn't exist but further the compilation of many other ominous, unexpected, suppressive and unacceptable phenomena too.
Violence towards women is a type of cultural violence that has been exercised by patriarchy in a shaped and pre-planned manner. The patriarchal society since time immemorial has been dominating and abusing women in multifarious ways. The ways of atrocity include suppressing and oppressing women physically, mentally, verbally, and even sexually. Women get debarred of education, nutrition, accommodation, and many other fundamental needs. Since childhood they have been viewed as restrained to go to school, getting involved in different household chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, and many others. A very common concept prevalent largely in a patriarchal society is men take care of both family and outer-world, they are more painstaking, responsible, and diligent than women. From this concept, the seed of discrimination gets to be planted consequently leading to violence. In education, profession, family, home everywhere women are a complement to men and play undeniably a significant role in development. Women's participation in the nation-building task has high significance. We have to consider that they are also human beings like the male members of society and they too are the claimant of equal rights and opportunities like those of men. Neglecting women will be sinisterly deleterious.
Individual-level is the root level in the context of establishing peace and eliminating violence. It means alteration has to be introduced in the basement. To eliminate violence at the individual level every human needs to be treated equally and made educated regarding important elements of life from rudimentary education. Respect towards women has to be cherished from this level at heart. In this consideration education is an important role-player. The curriculum should be fabricated having good importance on gender area. The equality between men and women, the role of women in nation-building activities should be taught to every person. Primarily one's mentality is the home for every debut. So, from there if changes can be acquainted it will help improve the condition and reap the existence of violence against women. The upbringing of each individual from quite an early age is required to be made in a genial atmosphere as grooming of the child molds his or her after attitudes. The education and environment around are very significant as it impacts a child's mindset and other affairs. As it's the core level and view of people matters greatly develops from this stage proper nurturing must be taken from the bud. If every individual can change their view the ultimate collective outcome can be a fruitful one.
After the root level of individual society comes as the second in order of serial for importance. Society consists of a combination of all individuals and their families. Family is the first place where a child begins learning charity and a great lesson is taught by the family. Many a family together get to formulate the neighborhood and thus too many neighborhood results in the society. If changes can be introduced to this level a fruitful output is possible in the reduction of violence.
The societies all together make up the state. The states are the world actors. As sorts of values are cherished in the society as it is the situation of the country or state. Many states become highly racist or conservative or warlike and many others too become very congenial, amiable, and co-operative with cherishing the values of equality, not discrimination. Once the change is made at the foundation the full body as well the top too will become sound.
An important part of people's life, society, and the state is culture. Sometimes the cultural encounter is visible. It's too simple that as we live on a planet of many human beings with many minds, it will not happen that everybody will have similar tastes like one-another but morality and values should be flourished over everything. And it is high time we changed our thought. Let's renovate our thinking and give the onset of a new world.
In fine the measures all those should and can be taken to make the earth a tranquilized bed are:
1) First of all, ensuring proper education for everybody. From the grass-root level. Change is possible to bring about by education.
2) Again, education shouldn't be only bookish, and practical elements must also be added to it.
3) Meetings, symposiums, seminars, rallies should be held to impart knowledge to people and enlighten them with the theory of equity and simplicity.
4) Many NGOs and organizations are working on women's rights. They must have their capacity for raising voice in the interest of women.
5) Legal assistance and security for women have to be intensified.
6) The enacting and implementing of laws over women have to be made stronger.
7) Women must be prioritized in terms of their lodging complaints or any issues.
8) Concern raising programs require to be launched.
Taking all those measures above can help the violence to be put to an end and peace to be established.
"Morning shows the day. As you sow, so shall you reap"

(Nusayr Ahmed Chowdhury is a volunteer, Right to Peace).

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