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Industrialists of BSCIC Barishal industrial estate are under attacks by extortionists: Govt is powerless

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A TENSE situation is prevailing at Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) Barishal industrial estate for the last one month as industry owners were coming under attack by miscreants demanding extortion. Reports in a national daily on Friday said despite two industry owners were beaten and hospitalised and their establishments vandalized, law enforcers are yet to take legal steps against the goons. Criminals have rather taken away fitting pipes worth Tk 36 lakh during this period.
As always we know and factory owners have also alleged that miscreants are getting shelter from local influential and political leaders. The owners remained vulnerable to renewed attacks while the law enforcers were doing nothing even after repeatedly informed about it. BSCIC Shilpa Malik Samity leaders have complained that unless a conducive environment can be ensured and safety of industry owners ensured in the 130.7 acre industrial estate initially set up in 1962, they feel quite unprotected to run production and carry out expansion.
Despite a vibrant industrial area, infrastructure has not been properly developed yet, especially road, drains and walls but new troubles created by miscreants are dashing out all such initiatives to properly build it. A total of 102 factories are operating in the area, some of them export industries that also included shoes and footwear industries, biscuit and bakery industries and metal works. They had reported the repeated attacks to the Ministry of Industries but no actions were taken so far while owners are feeling unsafe every moment.
We must say such demand for extortion must be sternly dealt with to allow trade and commerce to grow and the economy to develop. It is important to create new jobs and income generating activities for people in the locality and the district. We would say whoever these political leaders and influential persons are must stop letting lose these criminals. And what is most unacceptable and also a high crime is that why law enforcers are not coming to stop vandalism and give safety to industry owners.
The government cannot be powerless against criminals and call it a government.

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