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Wealth In The Next 25 Years

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Omar Khaled Rumi :
The economy of the country is expanding day by day. It is a good sign of course. The growth of the GDP is 6 per cent to 7 per cent varies from time to time. We have the aim to raise it 10 per cent within 2021. I believe it is possible. We are in a good position now from various sides. Our economy is much more stable then it was in any near past. Our garments sector is doing well. Our wage earners are performing better in the foreign countries. So, foreign currency reserve is satisfactory. Our other domestic sectors are also doing well. Export and import are in a vibrant condition. Besides, there are huge demands in our local markets. Opportunity is being created day by day. In power sector, we have done some revolutionary activities. In transportation, we are now in a comfortable position. Our small and medium enterprises are being run satisfactorily. Due to taking proper measures for controlling fraud and forgeries harmful organizations like Destiny and Jubok or Hallmark are being controlled. It makes better flow of our money. The surplus unit of our economy is coming to the proper channel.
Yes, till now, there are still some hassles and will always remain but it is not the all we always want to consider. In every economy of the world there are some draw backs. It is natural. But it is a worthy mention whether we are in a positive side or not. I think we are in good condition. The situation will be changed in the coming days with a more positive manner. How come?
I hope when our Padma Bridge will come into visibility, our Rooppur Atomic Power Plant will be into effect, our Rampal mine coal power plant will start generation of power, our Mongla Port will be connected through train, our deep seaport will be in function it will be a very good and comfortable position for our economy. The per capita income of our country will be raised to a significant amount and the people of the country will get a better life than they imagine. We all know that the basic needs of our economy have already been ensured. We are self dependent in agriculture. We are enjoying a very good road communication system all over the country. Our education system is being run properly.
Now, above all, some questions have always come to my mind. What will be the distribution of wealth in the next 25 years as the distribution of wealth is one of the most serious issues. We should think of it because we are concerned of our wealth. Nowadays we are investing a lot in purchasing land and flats. The price hike in this sector is significant. Some areas of our mega city are enjoying this price hike. But if it happens (surely it will happen) then there would be a bypass which will direct us another new areas which will be important in the coming days. Then what will happen to this investment. They might fall in the risk. It might not be happened because of scarcity of our land in comparison with our purchasers. We have large population with a good number of financially sound and solvent corporations and individuals. So there will always be a crisis in this area. The small area like Banani, Gulshan, DOHS (old and new), Baridhara, Niketon and Dhanmondi is not enough to fulfill the demands of the land for our aristocrats. So there might not be any disasters in this regard.
But we should enough space of thinking about our middle class standard housing program. They are growing very rapidly with both price and demand. What will be the situation when it will reach its zenith? What will be the future of an investment in a flat with a cost of Tk.3.50 crore. Our economy is being doubled in every six years. So, where will it reach in the coming days? We should think it now.
Finally, I want to say that I only tried to present some facts and figures. I only wanted to present some opinion and assumptions which is only of my own. These are not all. There are thousands of factors working in an economy and in such a growing economy like Bangladesh it is affected by many more factors unlike many other stable, poor and slow economies. So as we are on the hot sit, we should be more cautious. We should think of our economy not on the context of the present but also it should be considered with an intuition of next 25 years in order to make it risk free. To anchor in a safe harbor, we have no alternative to handled it with care.   

(Mr. Rumi writes on development issues).

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