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Prime Causes Behind Recent Increase In Rape

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That the death penalty for rape has already been announced is a good initiative. Corona virus, on the other hand, has become a cause for concern amid growing fears of rape. According to a report, 975 women have been raped in the country in the last 9 months. 43 people have been killed after the rape. This information is very worrying. This proves that women are not getting rid of the scoundrels. After the mass rape of the bride at Sylhet MC College, many more incidents of rape have taken place in Begumganj, Noakhali and other place. A 13-year-old schoolgirl in the capital, a Chakma woman in Khagrachari and two teenage girls in Benapole have been gang-raped. After these incidents of rape or violence against women, there is a commotion in the country through social media for some time. There was a storm on Facebook, there were protests in the districts and then there was a loss of momentum and no speedy trial was seen before.
The profile picture on Facebook has been blacked out in protest against the rape. Rallies, demonstrations and symbolic protests are also going on in the streets. But despite the public outcry and the arrest of some rapists, rape continues across the country. If many people in society become senseless and insensitive, they will not be afraid to think of punishment. The protagonist of Manik Bandyopadhyay's popular story 'Prehistoric' was a Bhikhu who could kill people to satisfy his sexual needs in times of robbery. The Bhikhu had no good feelings. There was that darkness, which created violence and cruelty. Bhikhu was not worried or afraid of the consequences of his actions. We see the similarity of rapists in our country with Bhikhu. It is sad that many in our country today have become senseless monsters like Bhikhu.
For various reasons, rape has become an epidemic in our society at present. It is as usual that families, educational institutions and the media will inspire people to gain discretion and taste. Has this important responsibility been taken seriously enough in our country in recent times? The younger ones are now not reading important books on literature, history, art, philosophy, society, politics, etc. Especially they concentrate to funny, light, farcical things and recreational topic on social media and various television channels. The number of libraries in the capital city itself is insignificant. The number of stores that sell thought books is also very low. Are there enough libraries in different cities and villages of the country? Are people in those places being encouraged to read good books?
Most of the dramas that are aired on television are interesting in highlighting various aspects of the glamorous culture. There is no statement in the play about various aspects of the history of the country and various urgent problems of the present time. Young people's love affair and light humor are elements of most dramas, which can only provide shallow entertainment, instead of making the audience aware and thoughtful. In such dramas, music videos, reality shows, etc., women are shown in an appealing way, through which the male viewer is satisfied. In the consumerist society, there is a tendency in the media to use women as instruments of sexual harassment. Due to the availability of satellite television connection, many viewers in cities and villages are now watching colorful programs on domestic and foreign channels every day.
It is very unfortunate that rogues and corrupt people can be associated with the big political parties of our country. We have seen it at different times. When they are arrested for a heinous crime, the political leaders pretend not to know them. Sometimes they are expelled from the party. Our politicians often talk about keeping the policy steadfast, but their statements become meaningless and worthless when we see bad people who can commit crimes with their involvement in political parties.
The question- why is there so much rape in the country? What is the way to prevent it? Before stopping rape and sexual abuse, the mentality must be changed. In order to reduce rape, human qualities must be awakened in people. Be aware to prevent rape. Opportunities for free association, greed, lust, addiction, ambition, obscene dance-songs in the name of porno-culture, sexually provocative books-magazines, obscene dramas-movies etc. should be avoided. These must be eliminated. Pornographic sites need to be shut down so that they cannot be viewed on mobile phones or computers. Bad company and intoxication should be avoided. Besides, women also have to be decent. Sexually provocative clothing should be avoided. Needless to say that sexual excitement makes people animals. As a result, we shall have to protect ourselves from these.
Strict enforcement of the law alone will not do much to save us from the horrors of rape. For this, it is necessary to ensure devotion to religion in one's family circle, decency of dress, introduction of educational, entertaining and decent culture instead of obscene culture. In order to do this, not only political discourse, but also the application of the rule of law is indispensible. People from all walks of life should take initiative from their respective positions and must have the coordinated efforts.
The aggression of degenerated cultures and foreign cultures are considered as an obstacle to prevent rape. The extent to which perversion in culture is hurting our society can be imagined by looking at the recent occurrences of rape. Not only rape, brutal killings after rape are happening every day. The real problem is the attitude of a class of ugly men. Even educational qualifications cannot change their mindset. Otherwise, in a place like a university, how can be a student raped by a teacher and a patient by a doctor?

(Dr Forqan is former Deputy Director General, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP).

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