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Destroy Syndicates Liable For Price Rise

The prices of essential commodities like onion, rice, pulses, oil etc. are increased by creating an artificial crisis in the country's market. Previously stocked products are also sold at higher prices. As a result, middle class and lower class people suffer the most. Even in the early stages of the current Covid-19 period, low quality products have been sold at high prices, creating an artificial crisis of masks and sanitizers due to high demand.
After various outrages and protests, the government and the local administration tried to normalize the situation by increasing market surveillance. But unscrupulous traders destabilize the market again due to lack of regular supervision.
Though there has been talk of overthrowing the syndicate at various levels, so far we have not seen any effective steps to destroy the so-called syndicate. Price fluctuations are normal in the case of timely import dependent products. But the syndicate members of the concerned sector are fully responsible for increasing the prices of the products produced in the country and the products imported from different countries.
Practice of capitalizing the demand of general consumer and increasing the price by reducing supply of goods in the market for unethical extra profit has been going on for a long time. Therefore, it is not possible to control the price of goods in the local market unless the syndicate is permanently inactivated. In this context, it is time for the government to take stern action against the traders involved in illegal activities.

Abu Faruk

Ensure Safety Of Our Women

In our patriarchal society, women are constantly being harassed in one way or another. They are either at risk of child marriage, on the other, being sexually harassed. They are being harassed everywhere from street to transport, educational institutions, employment, bus terminals and train stations.
Nowadays, girls are the news headlines of TV channels, newspaper or social media as the victim of rape and abuse every day. As a result, almost every family in the country suffers from uncertainty about their girl's safety.
However, no nation can progress having their women deprived of human rights. So men and women must work together for social harmony, and for that, women need social and state security.

Md. Tofayel Ahmed
Dhaka College

Shift Chemical Factory To Specified Location

After the terrible fire in Churihatta, the government decided to remove various chemical factories in the alleys of old Dhaka. But, some factory owners did not listen to that directive and continued their daily activities. That is police and RAB later raided and fined the factory owners.
However, lack of regular monitoring, some factories are still doing their chemical business in old Dhaka that jeopardizes the life of inhabitants living there. A few days ago, a fire broke out in a chemical factory in Kamrangi Char. The matter did not spread much as the fire service was able to put out the fire with hydrogen before the crowd arrived. Therefore, we humbly request the factory owners to relocate their factories according to the government decision.

Saiful Islam Ehaan
Dhaka College

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