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Registrar to get charge of VC in SAU not rational

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DHAKA University Teachers' Association protested the decision of giving Sher-e-Bangla Agriculture University (SAU) registrar the charge of Vice-Chancellor of the university. Amid the deteriorating education quality for student politics, absence of academic integrity, teachers' involvement in administrative functions more than academic and their partisan politics, the decision of giving charge of registrar as VC is a new low in the academic atmosphere. Due to political mingle in teachers' recruitment and the role of teachers as a political activist has hindered the academic pursuance and prioritize obedient officials over teachers. The universities are drastically failed in knowledge creation, democratic practice, cognitive development of students, instilling honesty, perseverance, grit among students for teacher-student politics and subsequent impact of that.
The education ministry in a notice on September 20 directed registrar Sheikh Rezaul Karim to carry out routine works of VC, as his tenure expired on August 13. Putting trust on an administrative officer for the charge of VC is unprecedented as the position is both academic and administrative as well and usually senior teacher occupies the position by appointment. The teachers' body termed it an instance of acute negligence of authorities in the management of higher studies. They said they are deeply concerned by such an unrealistic decision, and such a move could lead to chaos in higher education.
We observed that the university teachers also occupy the position of treasurer, registrar, and other administrative posts across the public universities for many years. Historically university teachers play an active role of knowledge creation, research, dispensing new ideas, and social change, they were also highly respected for their honesty, democratic mind, integrity, and progressiveness. However, the teachers lost their respect and position for their partisan behaviour and power-grabbing mentality and eventually, the officials claimed their position like teachers. Both have defined role to run a university, and the position and responsibility must uphold following the university statute, nothing else.

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