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EC can`t avert responsibility of criminal nexus that makes fake NIDs

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THE Election Commission is struggling to check forgeries of National Identity Cards while it suspects that a group of voter registration officers and data entry operators are involved in the scam. Several probe teams formed on various occasions have found that people are forging NIDs to gain illegal benefits, including land embezzlement, securing government jobs, getting different allowances and to dodge criminal records. Since EC's National Identity Card Wing is struggling to check irregularities, they plan to add some more features in NID registration process.
News media reported that the EC is going to sue 937 people for taking attempts to obtain dual national identity cards as it was found that the people committed the offence with bad intention. The wing had detected 2.7 lakh dual NIDs and is now scrutinising the reason behind second time enrolment. The Commission is drawing up plans to make the NID server security system stronger to check forgery. The Commission is planning to introduce automated biometric identification system instead of automated fingerprint identification system.
The NID wing recently suspended two data entry operators for their alleged link to NID forgery and also suspended 39 people. The dual voter enrolment came into discussion after an Anti-Corruption Commission inquiry found dual NID of controversial healthcare firm JKG healthcare chairman Sabrina Chowdhury. Last week police arrested five members of a gang, who helped in getting bank loans by making fake NIDs. The arrestees used to help loan defaulters to apply for loan using fake NIDs in condition of certain percentage of loan amount from banks.
Without installing digital infrastructure, regular security patch, moral development, exemplary punishment of the concern and the line managements, national security would be in risk. The constitutional commission has lost its dignity and confidence for committing fraud in the name of election since 2014, and the fraudulence of NID is the internal systematic corruption of EC.

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