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Our youngsters cannot be misguided in the name of culture

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MANAGER of a well-known film actress and at least couple of choreographers are allegedly involved in trafficking girls to Dubai. They allegedly send girls aged between 18 and 20, who got in touch with them to pursue a dance career in the film industry, to Dubai with promise of a lucrative job. The girls were later forced into sex trade. CID claimed to have got the information after a broker, who worked closely with this trafficking racket, gave confessional statement before the court.
In the statement, the broker Yasin mentioned  that he and his cohort Nazim in 2015 started sending female artists to Dubai for Tk 10,000 commission. The film industry in India and USA have trapped many girls and forced them to work as sex workers. In Bangladesh, the industry insiders are not exceptional. The traffickers allured dancers by assuring Tk 50,000 monthly salary. CID first came to know about the racket following arrest of one Azam in early July. Azam said he has been involved in trafficking for last eight years.
In another development, CID on Thursday night arrested dancer and choreographer Ivan Shahriar Sohag for his alleged involvement in trafficking girls to Dubai. A total of six people were arrested in the case and four of them have already given confessional statements in the court.
CID has done a job welcome by all by busting the racket who under guise media professional involved in the heinous crime. The law enforcers must face off the people who under the innocent face are doing crime. Bangladesh for many years is being used as the transnational route of sex traffickers. Many men and women having links with power are also involved in human trafficking as busted by law enforcement agencies in the recent years. Media professionals, film directors and actors should have the responsibility to check out their community and force the criminals to refrain from such heinous activities. Law enforcers must take a vigilant look to prevent the criminals who are destroying our young girls in the name culture and media professionals. The Government should encourage an environment of entertainment not hurting our social value and make opportunity for the youngsters there.

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