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Soaring Price Of LPG Cylinder

The demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is increasing day by day in various commercial establishments including home cooking and hotels and restaurants. But consumers are getting confused as the maximum retail price of LPG is not written on the cylinder. Companies and retailers are charging exorbitant prices. Besides, the prices are also increased at different times due to various reasons. In a word, the buyers are suffering financially as there is no specific policy from the government in this regard.
Out of the total annual demand of 1 million tons, the government company Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) supplies only 16 thousand tons. The remaining gas is supplied by private companies. Although the latest fixed price of 12.5 kg LPG produced by the government is Tk 600, the LPG cylinders of other companies are being sold in the market at Tk 900 to Tk 1,000. Again, the price varies from area to area! Customers are being forced to pay exorbitant prices as the price is not written on the cylinder. According to the law, the price of any product should be mentioned on the packet, but in the case of gas cylinders, the reason for this exception is not understandable.
Despite the low price of fuel in the international market, such extra price of LPG of private companies and not writing the price in the cylinder is against the interest of the consumer. In addition, the suffering of small and medium businesses, including middle class people, is increasing due to such a large difference in the price of gas between public and private companies. Therefore, in the public interest, immediate effective step of the government is desirable to ensure fair price of LPG and price tag on the cylinder.

Abu Faruk
Sadar, Bandarban

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