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Story of a reckless OC

Pradeep allegedly used to protect interest of real Yaba traders

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OC Pradeep surenders before a Cox’s Bazar Court on Thursday.

Staff Reporter  :
Pradeep Kumar Das, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Cox's Bazar's Teknaf Police Station, was withdrawn on Wednesday after 22 months of his duty in this police station.
In these 22 months, he has given order for about 144 crossfires where around 204 people were killed. Half of these crossfire incidents were occurred on the Marine Drive. Among, 204 people killed in crossfire at his order, were four members from the same family, and even there was also siblings. If Pradeep didn't get enough money, he would kill anyone in crossfire without any hesitation. Finally he also got immunity even after promoting the victims as a Yaba traders.
However, the people of Teknaf say that OC Pradeep  used to give these crossfire to protect the interests of real yaba traders. He had good relation with the local Yaba traders.
But this time after killing of Major (Retd.) Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan, the beginning and end of his crossfire trade is coming out one by one. The locals have also started opening their mouths. Eyewitnesses are also coming forward and talking about the murder of Major (Retd.) Rashed.
Earlier Major (retd) Rashed's sister Sharmin Shahriar Ferdous filed a case with the Cox's Bazar court on wednesday. OC Pradeep has been made the number two accused in this case.
According to the case, SI Liaquat asked Rashed to get out from the car and said, "I am showing you the game. I have seen so many majors like you. Saying this, he called OC Pradeep over phone. At one point, it's okay sir, I'm finishing the shit. Saying this, Liaquat shoot Rashed. Rashed fell into the ground. He tried to get up but others grabbed him. Later, OC Pradeep came to the spot, kicked him on his chest and head and pressed him with his feet to confirm his death.
An eyewitness who was an eassy bike driver, said, " When I arrived at the scene with two women passengers, police stopped my car just 10-15 yards away from the spot.
I saw the private car going towards Cox's Bazar at a slow speed. At that time the in-charge of Shamrapur police investigation center came forward and stoped  the car, then police aimed their weapon and asked the passengers come out from the inside.
Later I saw a man get out from the car and stand up. At that time he was shot by police.
After seeing this, my passengers fled in fear. I also fled and went to the roof of the nearby mosque. The scene was also clearly visible from there. I saw that  police was kicking the person who was shot. He was later taken to Cox's Bazar with a police vehicle.
Another eyewitness, Nurul Amin, an imam at the mosque, said, "I sat on the roof of the mosque after saying the Esha prayers because I was feeling very hot." Suddenly I saw a group of police stopped a private car which was going to Cox's Bazar. Before understanding anything , the police shot the young man who was getting out from the car.
According to the Home Ministry list, there are about 54 Yaba godfathers in Teknaf. Protecting their interests was the main job of OC Pradeep.
A Teknaf journalists also said that OC Pradeep barred reporters to enter the police station after Pradeep joined. Their family members were also harassed if anyone reported against him.
 It is mentionable that at least 87 people have been killed in 48 incidents of "gunfights" involving Teknaf police alone between August 1, 2018 and August 1, 2020.
An analysis of reports published by a leading newspaper during this period shows this figure.
Pradip Kumar took over as officer-in-charge of Teknaf Model Police Station on October 19, 2018.
A total of 107 incidents of "shootouts" in Cox's Bazar, including 48 in Teknaf, were recorded by this newspaper during the same two-year period. At least 184 people, including 65 Rohingyas, were killed in those incidents.
Earlier a statistics obtained by Ain o Salish Kendra showed that 35 people have been killed so far in "shootouts" in the month of July -- and the month was not even over yet.

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