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Killing of the retired army officer must be investigated thoroughly

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With the prevailing atmosphere of lies and corruption made so easy that the   truth about the murder of the retired army officer will not be easy to find. But it should be taken as a lesson by those who believe in the good of the country that changing the system based on lies and corruption has become urgent.

The matter is serious and it is now under investigations by several committees including one under a magistrate. We think it right to give the investigation a chance. So we do not want to comment on the event but it must be said we live under a condition of lawlessness. For this condition we must ask ourselves what we are and what we deserve.

Let us not deny that the arrogance of power among corrupt public officials and a section of so called political leaders have made life unsafe and insecure for all. The nation will be benefitted if the killing of the retired army is seen in context of life made unsafe under the system where discipline and patriotism have been corrupted.

Twenty-one police members, including an in-charge of Baharchhara Police Investigation Centre, have been closed following the death of a retired army major from police gunshots at a check-post in Cox's Bazar's Teknaf upazila on Friday. Retired Major Sinha Md Rashed was killed in police firing at Baharchhara police check-post on Friday night. He died after he was shot in "self-defence" by police officials who stopped the car at a check-post in Cox's Bazar's Teknaf upazila.

 The information we got from police sources is that the OC of Teknaf Police Station claims that the army officer was in uniform despite being retired, and that the vehicle in which he was travelling was full of Yaba and foreign liquor. Even more interesting is the fact that the OC called up his mom to know more about him without informing her that he was indeed killed by the police.

 Whether the facts as disclosed to the press area true or not make the situation very hard to know the truth as we live in a situation where lies are more powerful than truth. The problem lies with the system under which nobody can be believed.

 We often blame the police for being politicised and indisciplined. And the police themselves are fully aware of this. Even about the army which is recognised as mostly correctly run in the country as well as the most patriotic force we hear very disturbing allegations. In a free country it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure good governance. If we fail to do so we must all suffer.

We are not going into the details about the incident but we want to see both police and army take the circumstance of the killing in the larger context of safety and security of public life. Greed has become too prominent among who has a position to exploit. Please try to understand how we have created an untrustworthy public life.

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