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Job Security

Top Priority For Workers

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Taslim Ahammad :
Stress about job security and increasing job insecurity burden is a new direction for employees at work. Medium and large organisations around the world are now regularly rearranging, desperately trying to save money and reduce costs in order to survive in a competitive contemporary world. Thus, lack of job security may cause discomfort and anxiety for many employees, they have a fear of the unknown and lack of job security exacerbates very bad feelings.
The notion of job security is gaining attractiveness in recent times as a result of economic pressures on companies. Therefore, it has become one of the most important and vital issues in the organisation along with the list of employee preferences. Worldwide, about 75% of employees prefer to keep their jobs than other subjects on their list of favourites. This suggests that job security is just as important as staff salaries, healthcare and so on. In this scenario, it implies that job security has become the most decisive and key factor influencing an employee's decision about whether to join an organization or not. Thus, the challenge facing the organization is not only to recruit and retain employees, however to ensure that employees are assured of their jobs for as long as they craving.
Job security is a concept that implies a real or perceived possibility that a person will keep his job. It is an assurance that any staff will continue his job without the risk of becoming unemployed. It is the commitment of an employee about the continuity of profitable employment for working life.
Job security is important for both employees and employers. From an employee perspective, the importance of job security is clear: job security means a steady pay-check. Unemployment usually means a big financial blow, and extra worries and anxieties about bills and debt. Even if employees are not unemployed, constantly thinking about whether they will have a job next week or next year can damage their productivity, which can prevent them from being the best employee they can be. Needless to say, growing anxiety from any source is not good for staff health, and constantly feeling it can damage someone's confidence.
In fact, one of the best ways to create a sense of employee security is that companies cannot just attract and retain talent, making sure they are getting the best possible work from their people. By communicating with staff team that their job is secure and that they are a valuable part of this team, business build loyalty among employees and create a desire to work hard among them. This does not mean that there should be a relationship between appropriate actions and workplace safety, yet loyal, hardworking employees should be rewarded with the knowledge they can carry on, no fear that they can be replaced cheaply or quickly.
While business may think that providing job security is only important because it increases the bottom line of the organisation and improves productivity, this is not the case. This is important for many other reasons, which enhances the reputation of the company as a good employer. When the top talent in business field is looking for a new job opportunity, they may be listed in the list of the best employers in the country before they decide who to reach.
While it can be difficult to overcome some of the challenges that affect job security, such as the company's financial problems, staff can better protect their position from the start so that their boss does not want to lose them, no matter what. It starts with understanding their organization and their boss's goals, and how they can help them achieve them. Employee's job is to rely on their role within the safety team, so work to make them self an expert in something and never stop learning and developing. Try to do the best every day, but also be open to feedback and constructive criticism. Reliable, committed to communication and helpful to others, and there is a better chance than average that staff can survive.
Every job field in Bangladesh and the government should look into this field and actively consider the standardisation of human resource policies. Discipline cannot be guaranteed in public and private employment without ensuring minimum job security for employees. Authorities should actively consider HRM regulations by integrated all key HRM features. Among others, HRM regulations must include the minimum standard and qualifications at each level, the proper definition of termination clauses a lot, and the minimum job security for employees at work.
Work safety has a significant impact on individual and team's overall performance as well as organisational performance. The higher an employee enjoys job security the more likely he or she is to be able to effectively implement what is reflected in the organization's overall workplace. It is hoped that the above discussion will be of great benefit to business owners, practitioners, agencies, employers and researchers in Bangladesh as well as all over the world.

(Taslim Ahammad is Chairman, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj).

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