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Human Trafficking Poison Of Civilization

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Abu Faruk :
Although human trafficking is an extreme violation of humanity and a heinous crime in the age of civilization and free globalization, it still continues for various reasons. The issue has come under discussion again after the recent brutal killings of 26 people in Libya after several shocking incidents. The government and the concerned officials are busy in the autopsy of the steps taken earlier. The false temptations of a class of profiteering traffickers and the pressure of the situation are the main reasons for the onset of illegal trafficking. The lion's share is trafficked to various countries in the Middle East. The helpless and poorly educated men and women of the village, eager to come to the city in the inevitable pursuit of livelihood, fall into the clutches of the trafficking ring as well as unmarried, divorced, widowed and abandoned women, orphans children and adolescents of the backward society and many young people blinded by the lure of a better life in any way, also fall prey to deception. As a result, heinous acts like inhumane trafficking are rampant. The influential traffickers talk of crossing the border at low cost by offering high-paying jobs, lucrative businesses and various other benefits. The members of the clique are scattered in different parts of the country and abroad. In the hope of false temptation and a happy life, those who are interested in raising money by saving or borrowing as much as they can give it to them. As a result of cheating, it is gone.
The heinous crime of human trafficking has been going on for a long time using various means to avoid the surveillance of those responsible at the administration and field level. The members of the trafficking ring are not confined to one country. They roam all the way to the beginning and destination of trafficking. Somehow, once the people cross the borders of the country, their bodies are covered by the traffickers who advertise colorful dreams. Later, the ownership of the victims of multiple trafficking changed. Instead of going abroad illegally and illegally to get the promised job or business opportunity, they have to do all the risky work. They have to hide from the law day after day due to lack of necessary documents. The trafficked people are forced to flee and live a dehumanized life. Otherwise he is caught and sent to jail.
The lives and dignity of women of different ages who are trafficked in unfavorable environment of unfamiliar country are ruined due to bad luck. They have to work in captivity against their will in miserable conditions. Many are forced to commit heinous acts like prostitution through inhuman torture and oppression. Moreover, the reputation and image of Bangladesh in the international arena is tarnished due to the immoral activities of many.
This heinous act of human trafficking including women and children is a poison for humanity. It is very difficult for the government alone to uproot it. This requires a combination of public and private initiatives. The importance of regular public awareness activities using strong mass media and more recently used social media along with strict enforcement of existing anti-human trafficking laws is undeniable. People, especially the less educated poor, need to be fully aware of the consequences of going abroad illegally. In this case, teachers, public representatives and conscious people of all levels can be used. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been assisting victims of human trafficking since 2017. They have several proposals to prevent human trafficking. If we take a plan with appropriate proposals in the context of our country, we will definitely get positive results. However, the final decision on the more than one million Rohingya refugees who entered Bangladesh at different times is very important. They are the lion's share of the people trafficked by sea. For better future they are seeking for the opportunity to go abroad anyway. As a result, one of the targets of the trafficking ring is now the Rohingya people. The government needs to be proactive in repatriating these refugees through inter-state agreements.
It is important to ensure proper implementation of the anti-human trafficking law enacted in 2012. However, it is not possible to eradicate huge crimes like human trafficking only by strict enforcement of the law. This requires the formulation of an up-to-date education system. If the light of education is not properly reflected in all levels of society, the strong shadow of underdeveloped life will not be left behind as it is difficult to differentiate between justice and injustice. It is necessary to create employment opportunities in the country and facilitate the path of self-employment through vocational education. Most of the people try to migrate secretly at low cost to get rid of the scourge of poverty.
We have to ensure their job opportunities in the country. Moreover, it is important to ensure respectable wages in the domestic labor market. The importance of transforming the population into human resources to stop human trafficking is immense. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to stop traveling abroad illegally. The government has to take a long-term plan to improve the living standards of the poor. Private aid agencies and related organizations must come forward.
According to the data, many women are trafficked every day through about 11 routes along the border in Dinajpur, Panchagarh, Kurigram, Rangpur, Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj districts in the northern part of the country. Besides, Benapole in Jessore is a very easy and well-known route for trafficking to India through the south-western border of the country. This route has become a preferred and widely used route for traffickers as bus and train communication is easy. Therefore, human trafficking can be largely prevented by identifying the routes or borders through which human trafficking takes place. Above all, those rescued during or after trafficking need to be properly rehabilitated.
One of the reasons for the persistence of illegal trafficking despite the sincerity of the government and the efforts of various quarters is the failure to bring the masterminds of the trafficking ring under the law. The government will have to take necessary steps to arrest the local petty swindlers as well as the culprits behind the scenes and face severe punishment. Then perhaps the stigma of modern civilization called illegal human trafficking will be erased. Many innocent lives and their families will survive. Humanity will be protected.

(Abu Faruk, Assistant Teacher, Vagyakul Govt. Primary School, Sadar, Bandarban).

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