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No country is free if the government servants live in colonial days

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Editorial Desk :
It is surely a sign of the unsettling times the US is going through when a police Chief of a major US city publicly criticises the President of the US. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said on Monday that President Trump should remain silent on the protests over the killing of George Floyd if he had nothing "constructive to say."Acevedo called remaining silent unless one has something constructive to add "the basic tenets of leadership, and we need leadership now more than ever".
President Trump's ex Defence Secretary disagreed with the President about deployment of the army against the protesters of the killing of a black man George Floyd by a local police officer. He firmly asserted that the situation was not  extreme enough to justify calling in the army. The former Defence Secretary brought against President Trump allegations that he lacks leadership and is dividing the nation. This is the way the government servants of a free country respond to the call of patriotism and public interest.  
President Trump is under a barrage of criticism for his irresponsible acts   by the press and others all over the country. Yes, he is behaving erratically but the people are not afraid to hold him accountable in the strongest of language. By doing so the nation protects its dignity.
What our government officers lack is the courage of patriotism and spine as citizens. In a free country the word servant does not mean that a government servant is a loyal slave.
The government servants are dispensers of public services. In our country like few others the government servants take their jobs literally as the servants of the government and serve the government slavishly. They easily forget their sense of honour-that they are nobody's servants to work against the public interest. Their obligation to the people and the country is uppermost in a free country.
Unless the government officers are patriotic and conscious of their obligation to put people's interests first no people can enjoy freedoms. That does not mean the discipline of being government servants should not be obeyed. They must be aware of the limitations of serving in a free country.
Thousands of people gave their lives for enjoying freedom and safety. As government servants they cannot forget the debt of our people's blood and suffering in the movement which led to the creation of Bangladesh as a free nation. No nation can be free if the government servants can easily ignore their loyalty to the people.
The weapons bought with people's money cannot be used brutally against the people. Crossfire killing cannot treated as offence because police say it justified.
Apart from who pays whom there must be a sense of dignity that as a conscious people the government servants must be patriotic to know that they have higher obligation to the people and the country. The police cannot kill people without the court's finding or torture people as law enforcers. They cannot steal the people's votes as a way of showing loyalty to the government.
We still have a Constitution. But it is so easy for the persons in power legally or not to be sure that they have government servants on whose loyalty they can rely upon to suppress the people and violate the Constitution.
We know there are judges who do not feel embarrassed to act in violation of the law because of the fear of the government.
This way we  now have all the institutions of good governance broken and we all are worried of the governmentless situation when the country has to deal with the deadly pandemic. The patients go from one hospital to another to find no one is willing to accept them for fear of coronavirus.
Blaming the ministers or the prime minister is not the remedy. It is too late in the game.
Our health system is totally unprepared. No amount of lying can hide our incompetence as a free nation. We are waiting for the dangerous crisis of mismanagement of the government by the government servants. When the whole nation suffers government servants will not remain unaffected.
Let the government servants be the protectors of the people freedoms and serve in public interest as they are obligated to. Only the country becomes free when the government servants conduct themselves like those of a free country.
We fought for liberation of the people as freedom fighters and not for the piece of land which was already ours.

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