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Primary Education

Incumbent To The Proficiency Of Teachers

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Md. Abdur Rahim :
Children are sent to educational institutions to receive formal education. There are three stages of education i.e. primary, secondary and higher education. Primary education is the first level of formal education. It is treated as the foundation of education. Taking it into account, the present government is implementing a lot of initiatives with a view to improving the primary education. Of them, infrastructural development, nationalization of a large number of registered primary schools, appointment of competent teachers and the arrangement of modern training are remarkable. We know that training makes a teacher perfect. Without training, a teacher cannot continue the teaching activities confidently. Therefore, the government arranges different training programmes for the primary school teachers. Trainings on different subjects are arranged almost every year and no teacher can remain excluded from the training programmes. An Assistant teacher can achieve training on different subjects gradually. Every time they achieve training, they gather some strength and experiences and can enrich themselves.   
There are separate training programmes for the Headmasters. The Headmasters are also given subject based training. The Headmasters are given leadership training which enables them to administer their schools skillfully.
Besides, there is arrangement of training for scouting (Cub Scout), fine arts, music and physical education. Four teachers of a school are given training on these four subjects so that they can continue these activities throughout the year. Activities on scouting, fine arts, music and physical education make the children interested to the school and ensure their physical and mental growth. Through these activities, the children can learn the qualities of leadership, endurance and discipline. The teachers concerned have to work hard to accomplish these activities.
I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of primary school teachers who have apprised me of the fact that they are now teaching with honour and satisfaction as the environment of the schools has totally changed. Now, almost every government primary school has minimum one fine building with wash room facilities both for the children and teachers. There is hardly any school where you can find a dilapidated building or a ramshackle tin shed house which was seen 25 or 30 years ago. A large number of teachers having the post-graduation degree or graduation are working in the government primary schools. The beauty and quality of the schools have been enhanced at their arrival. Their attitude, sense of taste and manners are excellent and these virtues influence the students to be moulded according to the aims and objectives of the education policy 2010. These highly educated teachers go to schools attired in clean and fresh dresses which have a great impact on the minds of the students. They know how to deal with the students and thus they can easily conquer the minds of the innocent children with their sweet words.
Once a lot of SSC pass female teachers were appointed at the government primary schools. First they were in a fix how to teach and how to cope with the situation. But in the meantime, they have become competent and confident by achieving training in different times. They have been able to shake off their inertia. Most of the Headmasters of the government primary schools are skilled and they have the abilities to perform multifarious duties. They have to conduct SMC (School Managing Committee), PTA (Parent Teacher Association), Mothers Gathering and Yard Meetings all the year round. The Headmasters have to carry out and implement the instructions of the administration, communicate with the SMC members and the community to maintain the overall discipline of the schools.
Many of my students are now Headmasters working in different government primary schools. Their management, skill, competence, aptitude and prudence make me surprised and I feel proud of them.
Some years ago on an Eid holiday, I visited a rural primary school. The teachers instantly arranged an Eid reunion on my arrival with the participation of their students. I became stunned when the small children of that rural school were presenting dance, recitation and songs. Being spell-bound, I inspired the students and thanked the teachers for their marvellous arrangement. The students of this school have the record to win prizes in the national level in different events.
Nowadays, the government primary school teachers have hardly any scope to shirk their duties.The frequent visits of the UEO (Upazila Education Officer and AUEO (AssistantUpa-zila Education Officer) make the teachers alert and active.
If all the teachers work with a commitment, we can bring about a revolutionary change in this sector very soon.

(Md. Abdur Rahim is an Assistant teacher, SaberaSobhan Govt. Girls' High School, Brahmanbaria).

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