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‘Situation may get worse shortly’

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Reza Mahmud :
Mass exodus to leave and enter Dhaka before and after the Eid might worsen the coronavirus situation, as thousands of people came in contact with infected ones through out the country, experts warned. 
They disagree to resume public transportations, offices and workplaces on May 31, before controlling the virus spreading, saying resumption will not be a wise decision. 
They suggested imposing strict two weeks curfew before lifting the lockdown to control the virus spreading.
Public health experts warned that the worse result might arise by June 9 as the number of infected
patients will be increased due to the mass exodus during the Eid.
"The coronavirus situation will worsen by June 9, after the two weeks of the Eid-ul-Fitr. It may be seen in the report of the the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) about coronavirus infections," Professor Nazrul Islam of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University and Member of the 'National Technical Advisory Committee' formed to advise the government about curbing the virus spreading, told The New Nation.
He said  that the situation was worse in Dhaka so far. But after permitting people to leave the capital during Eid may pushed the whole country in a grave risk of the pandemic.
"People's free movement may spread the virus rapidly across the country. So the lamenting situation will no more remain limited in Dhaka and its surrounding localities, but will contaminate people across the country seriously," Professor Nazrul Islam said.
"As a result, the outbreak will be seen in remote areas of the country soon. It was not desirable, but may appear due to the government's step to loose the lockdown before and after Eid which allowed people to leave and enter Dhaka in a great number," he said.
Beside, Dr. Mukhlesuzzaman Hero, a Public Health Specialist and former Deputy Director of BSMMU Hospital told The New Nation, "The exodus during Eid pushed the country in a grave risk of huge contamination of the coronavirus. It is scientifically true if we did not follow the rule of social distancing, the contamination of coronavirus would submerge us."
He also urged all to follow safety rules like maintaining social distancing, washing hands with soap and wearing face masks, hand gloves and eye goggles sincerely.
The public health experts do not agree with easing lockdown before bringing the virus spreading under control.
The announcement of resuming public transportations and offices and workplaces on May 31, made the experts worried.
They said though the government asked all to follow the social distancing and other safety directives, but it will not be followed as done in the past.
As a result the dire situation are waiting, they warned.
"It will be helpful for spreading the coronavirus as the public transports, offices and workplaces to resume by May 31. It also will make the situation more dreadful," said Professor Nazrul Islam.
However, Dr. Mukhlesuzzaman Hero said the passengers and the managements of the public transports including bus, launches and train should follow the rules and regulations strictly to restrain the virus spreading.
"The government has urged the people to follow the health safety rules and measures honestly and strictly. But we found in different media reports that the people were ignoring all of those directions," said Dr. Hero.
He suggested the bus owners and other authorities of public transports to take the stipulated number of passengers only. He also asked the management to disinfect all places including handles and stairs of those vehicles before boarding passengers.
On the other hand, Professor Nazrul Islam suggested the government to impose strict curfew for two weeks to control the virus spreading before easing the lockdown.

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