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Eid-ul-Fitr is not celebration in the midst of killer corona, observe safety guidelines

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EID Mubarak! The nation will celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr either on Sunday or Monday (subject to sighting of the moon) after the   month-long fasting but there is hardly any mood or environment for celebration in the people amid the surging outbreak of coronavirus.
The two months lockdown has rendered the poor people jobless all over the country without food and cash; many were starving while the middle income people are also facing severe financial crisis and largely shelving the Eid celebration.
Closure of big shopping malls in the city and market places all over the country except few has also shelved largely the Eid shopping. This is a lost year for traders to face severe financial uncertainty ahead.
Most workers remained unpaid. Garment workers were protesting in the streets last week for arrears while, transport workers, rickshaw pullers and day laborers have been left without work and source of earnings. Local party leaders have mostly grabbed government assistance leaving the poor unprotected.
Cyclonic storm Amphan in the southern part of the country has further aggravated the situation where thousands of houses have been leveled to the ground, mango orchard destroyed, crops submerged and coastal embankment erosion has left thousands of families homeless. They are struggling to survive and anything like a celebration is unthinkable to many.
We fear the pandemic may further escalate after the Eid as thousands of home goers, who defied the lockdown, would surely spread the plague to their families and localities. This is an unprecedented situation in the country which is overwhelmed by memories of pains and suffering than to inspire a sense of happiness.
Nonetheless the Eid is at our door and we welcome the occasion which symbolizes the end of the month of patience and sacrifice by fasting to get away from whatever is evil and get closer to God and being blessed.
We also remind that the rich and wealthy at this moment should stand by the poor and helpless so that they will not entirely miss the occasion. The rich, many of whom have amassed unimaginable wealth must pay due Zakat which is like wealth tax in our religious context. The rich should come forward to share it with the needy neighbours in which they have their legitimate share.
Please observe safety guidelines for not to be affected by killer virus and remain alive. Do not be irresponsible to others by spreading the dangerous disease which causes quick death as there is no treatment.

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