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COVID-19 Now Becomes A Global Fear

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Dr Sharmin Shohelly :
I am a practising Anaesthetist and Intensivist in United Kingdom. Just starting with a brief introduction and I will quickly come into the point of why I thought of doing this writing. The COVID-19 fear is everywhere and we have wondering minds! Depending on what part of the UK we are, the number of COVID-19 patients is varying .The same fear is also in my heart even I am a doctor and coming to work to see suspected COVID-19 patients .Luckily I have not actively given treatment to any but the time can turn into a bad time soon. So we are preparing to the scariest moments and we think this is going to hit the country very badly. I have parents and my whole family and so many friends and amazing people living in Bangladesh  (except my other sister who is also a practicing doctor lives in UK ).I start to worry about them in morning and the worry stays in my mind till I close my eyes at night. Why I am worried because I am seeing and hearing and reading things what's happening around me and globally.Hence I am sharing my feelings.
It is the world's most worst pandemic so far! The number of cases are rising in great numbers .We are recommending people to wash hands, use sanitizer, stop touching face and eyes. We are at the moment asking people to stay at home and keep social distancing which means keep 2 metre distance from each other perhaps stop taking participation in big gathering, meeting people and this will help avoiding exposure to droplets/sneezing /aerosols on you. When you are at home if one of your family members have got the symptoms of the virus or yourself please ask the person or it may be yourself to stay in a closed ventilated room, use the toilet after everyone has used it, clean a shared bathroom each time you use it ,for example by wiping the surfaces you have touched ,avoid using shared spaces such kitchen or bathrooms at same time, open window in shared spaces if you can ,use dishwasher if you have one -if you donot have one ,use washing up liquid and warm water and dry everything thoroughly. If you don't have to go out then don't go out. Try to eat healthy and keep your immunity boosted. Please do not share bed and do not share towels ,including hand towels and tea towels .It is ultimate necessity to do these things .You have to realise that these things will may decrease the severity of virus and we will may not have to go to the hospital .
I will pause my writing today in view of carrying it forward. I fully understand that people have lot of questions please feel free to write to me with the address given below.

(Dr Sharmin Shohelly, MBBS, DA,FRCA (England), Mentor NHS NWLA, Facilitator and Educator, Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Unit, North West England)

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