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Tulip In The Warmth Of Winter

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Zasim Uddin :
The name of the national flower of Turkey is Tulip, and in the Netherlands Tulip flowers are widely cultivated. At present, the Netherlands is the main producer of tulip flowers. The industry has grown there with Tulip. So the country celebrates the Tulip Festival every year. Except the cold weather countries, In Asia, India and Afghanistan and many countries in the world has similar vision regarding Tulip flowers. This flower could not be imagined once in our country in six seasons. Therefore, the love for this flower in the sweetness of the heart didn't fill the heart of the Bengalis. But now the door has opened with a flower farming effort. Tulips have now sprung up after forgetting the long winter fatigue at Delwar Hossain's garden in Sripur, Gazipur. There is a feeling of heaven in the flower garden of Delwar. Interested people are also growing interest in seeing these amazing tulips. Throughout his garden, tulipmai is now a love story. The flower gardener Delwar Hossain named this flower garden as "Maumita.
Prior to this, he was successful in cultivating various flowers in Zerbera, China Rose and overseas and was involved in the expansion of flower cultivation. As a successful florist, he was awarded the Bangabandhu Agriculture Degree in 25 years. Recently, for the first time in the country, he started using modern technology for the production of virus free vegetable seedlings. Delwar Hossain said there is a huge demand for flowers every year in our country. To meet its demand, flowers are imported from different countries of the world. Flowering is a part of the agricultural economy. Even though different countries of the world became self-sufficient in flower cultivation, we were lagging behind. He started his dream with many foreign flowers, thinking of the economy and demand. He did not stop despite various obstacles. So one success after another. Zerbera, China rose after tulip flower after the rose rose to success.
After the experimental work, he will begin the work of expanding this flower cultivation. Tulips are known as perennial and spring flowers. Its height also varies according to species. He said that although there are different species of tulips around the world, he brought a bulb of one thousand tulips of 4 species from the Netherlands on December 5 and planted them in his garden on December 5. Tulip eruptions began in the last week of January after that 7-day service. Due to the variations in the local weather, the stability can be 20-22 days. According to him, the depth of winter is associated with tulip flowers. Typically, tulip flower cultivation requires temperatures below 3 degrees Celsius. The northern districts of our country have low temperatures during the winter season so there is great potential for tulip flower cultivation.
Farzana Nasreen Khan, Chief Scientific Officer of the Flower Researcher at the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) horticultural department, said tulips are usually flowers in the winter zone. She made the possibility of cultivating it all over the country by growing tulip flowers in her garden. In our country, many people are cultivating acacia during the winter season in the homesteading tub or hobby, but it is not natural to get flowers. Flowers of tulip rose in the garden of Delaware. The country has not yet started cultivating this flower. However, if the weather is favorable for flowering during the winter season, this flower can be cultivated, especially in northern districts. The farmers of the country have planted seeds of success in this initiative of flower farmer Delwar.
Mahbub Alam, Deputy Director of Gazipur District Agricultural Extension Department, said that at present import of tulip flowers at high prices has to meet the needs of our country. An ideal florist has the potential to grow tulip flowers in Delaware around the cultivation of this flower. The agricultural economy will also be touched by the expansion of cultivation of Efful.
(Zasim Uddin, Gazipur Correspondent, The New Nation)

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