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Its Importance To Children

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Thus, it is most important that moral values, being the founding blocks of society, should be instilled in children right in student life. They help to build a child's personality and character shaping his life and teach him to respect both self and othe

Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid :
Moral behaviour is an issue that a lot of parents have tremendous worry over. Really, you don't teach moral behavior, you demonstrate it. The best way for a parent to instill a moral compass in a child is to live a moral life themselves. The second best way is to make sure the child feels recognized. If you feel recognized, you will feel ownership in the family, the school, whatever; and you will not be inclined to break the rules, because you will feel ownership in the group. You will simply be inclined not to do what you know is bad, because you have ownership in the group. Moral behavior, you learn through watching whatever your parents do; and feeling recognized by whatever group you are in. A student's life is full of challenges. The problem is, if we neglect the teaching of moral values in schools to students, they will not be able to perceive, comprehend and distinguish the difference between what is right and wrong. We would rather be hurting the student than helping him, resulting in problems in society. Moral values, as such, are impertinent in today's times, for a student. Therefore, the need of the moral values for students arises in early stage of their lives.
According to the dictionary, values are "Things that have an inherent worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor". In simple terms it is the most important quality in a human being and in context of sociology a "value" can be defined as a quality of importance, usefulness, worth or excellence in terms of ideals and customs of a society towards which the group of people, forming the society, have an effective regard or respect for. Moral may be defined as the standard of behavior determined through the principles of right or wrong with regards to proper conduct. It is related to a virtuous, good, righteous, ethical, upright, principled, honest, chaste, pure and sinless way of doing things. A person who knows the difference between right and wrong - is moral.
Having understood the significance of the two words we can say moral values are fundamental in a student's life and add meaning and importance to human life. These are the basic values which reflect integrity and humanity. Moral values teach us more than any teacher or any book and as such, it becomes all the more important to attain these values at a young age. Since a student is a learner, morals are taught over time and reinforced through a lifetime for the overall benefit and growth of the student and the whole human race i.e. the society at large.
The ten most important moral values for students and everyone in general to lead a great life are:
o    Honesty: "honesty is the best policy", it should be instilled as one of the most important values in a child and one must be encouraged to tell the truth regardless of the mistakes made. This will help live without any guilt and build confidence resulting in the overall growth of the child.
o    Respect: Everyone desires respect regardless of age or status in society. As a child, a student should learn to respect others which include his peers, elders, different religions, races, sexes, ideas, and lifestyles. It is a very essential moral value as it will make him more concerned towards others and benefit him in life in the future.
o    Family: A Child should have a sense of family, so that he grows up understanding the importance of family, cooperation, love and respect for all people, working together through thick and thin with the motto "united we stand and divided we fall.
o    Education and Hard Work:  A child should be made to understand the importance of education and its impact on his life and encouraged to study and attaining knowledge. A child should understand the importance and value of hard work. Education and hard work culminate in success in life and success it is said is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.
o    Adjustment & Compromise: When absolutely necessary, a child should learn to compromise and adjust but not at the cost of his own life, resulting in harm to himself. This attitude will take him long and far in his life and build good relations with people.
o    Compassionate Nature: Compassion is the sensitiveness to the needs of other people i.e. extending a hand of help to the needy, maybe a stranger, showing sympathy, empathy, and compassion towards others, which always pay back in return when in need.
o    Justice: A child must have a sense of justice and speak out whenever he senses wrong-doing, towards himself or others.
o    Religious Tolerance: As a student, the child should have respect for his and for other's religion too, understanding that all are equal regardless of caste, creed, and religion.
o    Cheating and Theft: As a student, a child should understand, whatever the justification, that cheating, and theft are legally and morally wrong and amounts to stealing something that belongs to someone else.
o    Forgiveness: A child should be made to understand that abusing, hurting or harming others results not only in physical but also emotional, psychological and mental agony and should be discouraged to abuse, encouraged to apologize and forgive people who hurt us. Unwillingness to forgive is the root cause of anger, violence, and fights.
Thus, it is most important that moral values, being the founding blocks of society, should be instilled in children right in student life. They help to build a child's personality and character shaping his life and teach him to respect both self and others. Moral values would help in preparing for their future roles in becoming good parents and law-abiding citizens countering the bad influences in society. Moral values make a foundation for life, mold a person and immensely help a student to do it discern between right and wrong as he takes his first step towards life into the real world and gains respect from everyone around him. To conclude, when functioning effectively, moral values are life protecting and life-enhancing for one and all whether a student or an adult.
Parents want nothing more than for their children to grow up into well-mannered individuals and give the proper respect to other people. Moral education is an important part in their studies, because success in life does not always rely on academics. Moral education is a teaching method which fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about the good values that people should have. It teaches the students the values of caring about other people, honesty, responsibility, and other important traits that make for an upstanding citizen. The parents are not the only ones that need to be concerned in developing a student's character, the school and community should also have a role in this. These days, with most families, the children are often left alone with no one to guide them. This is why schools need to implement moral education so that the students know the correct path they should walk on.
(Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid, Research Officer, District Education Office, Secondary and Higher Education, Munshiganj)

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