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4th Industrial Revolution

And Digitalisation Are Complements To Each Other

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Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed :
4th Industrial Revolution is much discussing now a days. Scholars are describing concurrent innovations like artificial intelligence, robotics technology, 3D printing, block chain and big data etc. as beginning of 4th IR. 3D printing technology will create a new era of production concept. People are capable to manufacture quick and as like things by 3D printing technology. From construction into healthcare, from production into post consumption behaviour of the consumers everywhere a new quick and perfect age is started. It is very essential for the entrepreneurs to adopt newer technologies, use newer machineries and produce products or provide services according to the change demand of consumers. Many successful companies like Kodak, Fuji, Blockbuster etc. being abolished due to their inability to innovate or adopt with newer technological advancement.
Not only universities but also polytechnic institutes located in different regions of the country should enhance the quality and skills of engineering education. English education should also be looked at. English is very important in 'Digital Bangladesh' as an international language. Therefore, in the preparation of textbooks and syllabus along with mother tongue, the subject of English education must also be seen. But there may be other factors. However, special emphasis should be given to Science and Technology. The world is now at the doorstep of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That is why the industrialised countries of the world have started preparing. Because this revolution is not an industry, it will be a revolution of technology.
According to the data, about 35,000 multimedia classrooms have been set up in various educational institutions of the country. Multimedia projectors, laptops, internet modems and speakers have been installed in the classroom. This class is called 'Multimedia Classroom'. Arrangements have been made to present difficult and abstract subjects to students through pictures, animations and video clips. To bring teachers a common platform, the A to I project initiatives include 'Teacher Awareness' and 'Kishore Baitayan' for students. The teachers share digital content, videos, animations they create and others download them. Removal of discrimination between teachers and students in the village-city is called 'Teacher Baitayan' and 'Kishore Baitayan'. In order to provide training to teachers, an open e-learning platform has been launched in Bangla language called 'Muktapath'. Anyone interested in this platform can gain knowledge and skills by participating in online courses from anywhere at any time. The platform offers general education, technical, vocational, and life-long learning opportunities. Even the underprivileged and marginalised people of the country can get opportunities for self-employment by taking vocational education from 'Muktapath'.
Bangladesh has made wonderful progress in the technology sector today. 4G Internet technology has reached all parts of the country, which is playing a significant role in improving the communication system as well as gaining the knowledge of our students. Bangabandhu-1, the country's first satellite, has been launched in space to further consolidate the media. Private satellite televisions are using it. It is saving about $ 1 million per year.
The impact of the digital revolution will also have a huge impact on business. Apart from providing exceptional product services, corporate organisations have to achieve maximum efficiency in utilising technology to keep up with the ever-changing customer needs. The digital revolution will bring major changes in the governance and policymaking. The technology revolution will bring government services to the reach of the common person on the one hand, while the availability of destructive ammunition will also increase the risk of state terrorism. Analysts fear that the fourth industrial revolution will start the third world war if the security risk is not restrained.
A number of robotic technologies are being used in Walton's factory to do 'compressor assembly'. Walton is also working on making smart refrigerators and smart TVs. A to I is providing automated consulting services to fishermen using pattern analysis and IoT using 'silver' technology. A to I is also providing digital farming under the 'crop'. Apex Group is investing in 'Gray Data Science' company. Laser cutting technology has also become automated in our textile factory.
With the development of bKash, many things have changed in this country's mobile-banking system. The marginal people can easily make money without opening a bank account. Every day, the transaction is now about Tk 1 billion. Rocket, cash, ipay-o are also working in this sector. The ICDDR,B has recently introduced a sophisticated method of detecting artificial intelligence-based diabetic retinopathy with tele-ophthalmology technology. 'Bondstein' has been using smart tracking through IoT devices for four years successfully pulling out medical questionnaires.
The world is moving forward, Bangladesh is not far behind. The red-green country, which is close to fifty in ages, is moving frontward in line with the era. The government has announced Vision 2021, 2030, 2041 to build a prosperous Bangladesh by giving a framework called Delta Plan. We will take the place of the world as a technical based nation by avoiding various misdeeds. In the line of this Delta Plan, we would be able to implement as our nation's father dreamt.

(Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, writer, researcher and columnist)

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