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Favourable Environment

Essential In University For Education & Research

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Amjad Hossen Hridoy :
The criterion of a university is based on education and research. We are lagging behind repeatedly for failing to create proper environment for research. The main reason for this is the lacking of emphasis on education and research and the lacking of a favourable environment. When the importance of trade and commerce is not the main subject of research and education among the teachers, then the teacher become irrational, education is forgotten and the students get deprived. The gates of uneducated education are blocked at the speed of time. The school is full of students but teachers are empty.
The last "World University Ranking 2020" has been published by Times higher education. Only 92 countries, out of 1300 universities, participated there.  University of Dhaka ranked as 1000th position. By thinking this, so many gossips were coming out. The reason behind the demotion of rank was lack of educational system and proper research. If the university was aware of the fact, we might have not experienced it.
If we try to find out the reason behind this dark chapter, we see that less amount of university research budget, authenticity of research and its liability, corruption, teacher-student politics are mainly responsible for it. As University of Dhaka is the main centre in practicing politics, here politics has become the main issue nowadays more than research. Both teachers and students are involved in filthy politics instead of doing research. The reason is open secret. When your dignity is measured by political background, there is no need to be an academician. Every day gossips on politics and fight between student groups are making the students busy with it. For this reason, students don't have the mentality and time to think about research. If we can't reduce the influence of politics in universities, we will not be able to improve the situation.
The University's Research and Budget serve as a factor in this regard. The university has allocated Tk 1 crore 4 lakh, which is only 2.5 percent of the total budget, in combination with research and special research. Although the size of the budget has increased by 8.5 percent over the previous year, the allocation for the study has decreased by 2.5 percent. But there should have been more emphasis on research to improve the quality of higher education. It would not have been a hindrance to proceed. Therefore, the University Administration should consider the budget and environment of the study and research.
Lack of liability of the university teachers is mainly responsible for its failure in research sector. In our country, the age-old tradition of research method is achieving the desire posts in these criteria then left it without achieving the goal. Because of this, teachers are not bound with any research, it is their wish whether they would like to give effort in it or not. Teachers should be engaged with research in term of countries welfare. Analysis should be done to interact and engage the teachers more in research. Everyone should pay attention to analysis education and research performance of teachers.
A university holds a country's dignity.  Since the development and dignity of a country depend on education and research, an environment of research should be created in every university. University committee and government should be aware about this fact.
(Amjad Hossen Hridoy, University Of Dhaka; emai:

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